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XDA Pocket PC Phone

XDA Pocket PC

XDA Pocket PC Review

Pocket Pcs are great. Pocket Pcs with integrated phones are even better. So I'm not very impartial in this review, but what the heck, I think you should buy one because you definitely won't regret it!

I used to use an old Palm m105 as my personal organiser, and it was good, holding my diary, contacts, to-dos, e-books, etc. The battery life was excellent and it synced up to my PC. Ok, the screen was small, monochrome & dark, but it was tough and did the job. I saw the adverts & reviews for these Windows based Pocket PCs with their colour screens and thought, they look nice, but can I justify spending a couple of hundred pounds on something I could lose, drop or sit on? I think not.

Then, early one Sunday morning while tramping round the local car-boot sale I saw someone setting up their stall, and what should he be getting out of his bag but a box for an o2 XDA Pocket PC. At this time I knew very little about Pocket PCs, and nothing about the XDA. I opened the box, and it looked like it was all there & in good condition. £15 pounds later I was the proud owner of a XDA Pocket PC Phone.

The XDA Pocket PC Phone was produced in 2002, so the specification is basic. IR Port, 32mb Ram, 32mb Rom, 4k colours, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It does come with all the Pocket PC usual applications, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Messenger, Reader, Calendar, Tasks, etc, and of course the phone. Easily unlocked the XDA quickly replaced my mobile and my Palm PDA.

Even with the small screen I find Excel and Word usable, and now use them instead of my ancient lap-top, mainly because it is so easy to synchronise them with my desktop PC via the USB cradle.

What is best about Pocket PCs? Having all my contacts and schedule at my finger-tips on a bright colourful screen, and being able to import & view important documents using Word, Excel, Reader & Adobe Acrobat. Being able to store hundreds of e-books and read them using the excellent MS Reader. Being able to listen to MP3s with the stereo headphones. Being able to (slowly) browse the web & send e-mails with the internet phone connection.

If you think you'll benefit from a PDA, get a Pocket PC today. You won't regret it, I promise.

Comments / Questions:

my xda pocket pc wont switch on for some reason. its on charge but doesnt seem to respond at all. Mike.

You need to try a different charger, or a car charger, and / or press the reset button.

hi  dont know anything about pocket pcs just want to know if this one will connect to my wireless network. Andrea.

I wouldn't buy an original XDA to connect to your wireless network - it doesn't have wi-fi or Bluetooth. You could try and get hold of a SD card adpater, but you'd be better off with a much more modern Pocket PC.

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