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TomTom Navigator 5 Review

Tom Tom Navigator 5 Review


Got a pocket PC? Don't buy a dedicated GPS system, get Tomtom Navigator 5 (or other versions) for it, and a GPS reciver & car power lead. Why? Because Tom tom Navigator is great - you get all the features of the Tomtom Go! range of GPS in-car Navigation devices, but in the small confines of a pocket PC!

First, a few caveats. The limitations of Tomtom Navigator 5 are the limitations of your Pocket pc. That is, the small screen and the small speaker. The small screen doesn't make that much of a difference, only when the new widescreen Tom Toms come out will there be an appreciable difference, but it has to be said that often the volume of Pocket PC devices leaves a lot to be desired - the dedicated units of the Go range have much higher volumes, useful in noisy vehicles.

That said, Navigator 5 is a superb product. You get full Post-Code look up, so finding your destinations is very quick and easy - and inputing data is all done with your finger, the software uses large buttons on the screen. (So get some screen protectors or you'll end up with a very greasy Pocket Pc!)

I personally love the Tomtom user interface, 3d maps & voice instructions. The ability to install different voices make your unit your own, and give the kids a laugh with Darth Vader or Austin Powers saying "Take the 2nd exit..". To navigate, all you have to do is tap the screen with your finger, tap "navigate to", then Post-Code, then Done, and you're on your way. Easy.

The 3d maps are clear & uncluttered, the zoom level is always appropriate for the level of speed, and the clear voice instructions are early enough, and sound almost like a real human is telling you what to do. (Apart from the fact that its Clint Eastwood telling you to take the next exit!)

I used Tomtom Navigator Five with my old XDA Pocket Pc, which had been around for about 4 years, and everything worked fine. I used a wired GPS reciever (modern Pocket PCs will use a Bluetooth one) and power-cabel, and an old mobile phone bracket. The software navigated flawlessly, and I was well chuffed that my trusty old XDA had added another string to its bow.

In conclusion, Tomtom Navigator 5 is a fine piece of software, and adds great functionality to your Pocket PC, making it a first-rate in-car GPS navigation device, just be aware that the volume of voice commands will not be that loud.

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