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TomTom One Rider Second Edition - GB, Regional & Europe Review

Tomtom Rider 2nd edition

TomTom's Bluetooth Motorbike Navigator Gets An Update

Lets face it, the original TomTom Rider was overpriced and under specified, but with the release of its second edition, it looks like Tom Tom have address ed Bikers concerns and come up with an excellent Motorbike GPS Navigation Solution.

The Rider 2nd Edition is available in 2 formats - the Europe (with Western European Maps) and the Regional or GB (with only the maps of your country). Remember that it is always cheaper to buy a Satellite Navigator with the European Maps pre-installed than add them at a later date, so if you may make use of the European Edition, get that. The Europe uses a 1gb SD card to store all that data, so it is well worth the extra cost.

Before we look at why this new Rider is a Great Motorbike device, it is worth mentioning that with the purchase of a car-mount the Rider becomes a just as functional in-car GPS Sat Nav - it is not a case of one for the bike, one for the car, the Rider Second Edition Can do both.

The New Rider is extremely rugged - TomTom claim it is waterproof and shock-proof, it comes with a unique Handlebar mounting bracket and a Bluetooth Headset for voice commands. The Bluetooth headset can also be used for mobile / cell phone calls - you can only receive calls while on the move, but once stopped you have full functionality. The Bluetooth in the TomTom Rider is also compatible with most Bluetooth enabled Helmets, so if you've got one use that instead, they're much more comfortable. Claimed talk time i about 7 hours for the head-set with about 10 days on standby.

New maps for 2007 are provided by Navteq - as opposed to Teleatlas for Garmin, but I havn't noticed a great deal of differnece between the two, so you can be assured there's the odd mistake to keep you on your toes!

The Rider is designed to be used while you are using gloves. When in Bike mode the number of icons on the screen is reduced to four, so you can still make selections without making lots of mistakes, but your options are limited. It is only possible to select "Recent" "Favourite" or POI's for new destinations. At first this sounds silly, but of course you won't be trying to tap in Post-Codes while riding, would you? Pull over and take your gloves off!

The technical side of things is handled by a 20 channel GPS receiver, 3.5" Touch screen, 5 hour rechargeable Battery, and a 380 MHz processor with 32mb of RAM. Lets not worry about that too much.

So is the TomTom Rider Second Edition any good? Well we'll have to wait for some longer reviews for the definitive answer, but the model I played with seemed to do everything it was asked to, and as long as you can get one for the right price, TomTom are onto another winner.

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why can't your bluetooth tec. when useing the cell phone. why can't you make it voice command such as (call bob cell).If you can rec. phone calls on your tomtom rider why not voice command to make them. you need not to pull over to make a call, but to only say it to you tomtom and the voice can to the phonebook entry and fine the name and call it. The safty of this hands free would be greet.
Thank you

Good points. (is your keyboard broken?);-)

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