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Which Tom Tom to Buy?



This article has been updated, please read our new TomTom Buyers Guide.

OK. All these different models, it can be very confusing about which Tomtom will be best for your needs. It occurred to me that a quick product comparison, so you could choose which is best, might be in order. What I'll be doing is to compare the main features of each model, so you can then have a better idea of where to start. I won't be listing all the features, just the ones I think are relevant. Here we go:

If you just want Satellite car navigation for the UK, and don't want a Blue-Tooth hands free mobile phone kit, get a TomTom ONE. You can always upgrade the maps to Europe later on, but you you cannot upgrade it to a hands-free kit, ever. You can put speed-cameras on it, but they're not on it as standard.

If you want Sat Nav for the UK, and a Bluetooth hands free kit for your cell phone, get a Tomtom 500 or 510 (The 510 is the newest one.) It also has main roads in Europe. The newer 510 has safety cameras already installed, you'll have to download them onto the older 500.

If you want street-level maps of Western Europe (including UK) get a 700 or 710 (the 710 is the new one). Both come with a hands-free kit. The 710 has speed-cameras already installed, its a download for the older 700.

If you want maps of USA, Canada, Western Europe (including UK) get a Tomtom 910. Handsfree is included.

If you've got a motorbike, get TomTom Rider, with an additional mounting kit for your car.

If you've got a Pocket PC, get Tom Tom Navigator and a GPS reciever / car kit.

I know that the above is over simplified, but hopefully it will start you looking at the right model of Tomtom GPS for you!

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