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TomTom One

Tomtom One

Tom Tom One Review

Update: This unit has been replaced by the Tomtom One Regional.
The Tom Tom 1 GPS in-car satellite navigation system, cheaper than the Tomtom Go range, slimmer, with a brighter screen & a faster processor. Could this be the GPS bargain of the year?

If you've never used a Tomtom before, you'll be in for a treat. Honestly, Tom Tom units are the easiest and best GPS units I've ever used. Now lets see if it can live up to the reputation of its more expensive cousins.

Opening the box, the One only comes with the bare essentials to get you going. You get the unit, a suction bracket for the windscreen, in-car power lead and usb lead.

Insert the suplied map SD card, turn the unit on, and it quickly powers up. If you're outside it takes a couple of minutes to lock onto your position. After the first time it only takes a few seconds to find your location & start navigating.

Putting your destination into the unit couldn't be easier. Tap the middle of the screen with your finger and we're into the main menu. Press "Navigate to" and we can choose how we want to tell the Tomtom One where we want to go. Full postcode, town & road, POI (petrol station, hospitals, etc), POI in city, Recents, Favourites, and point on map. Full Postcode look-up makes navigating extremely fast & easy, just like the Go range os GPS devices.

Once you've put your destination in the Tomtom One, before you get going, you can look at a demo of your route (at various speeds) a written route list and a map of your route. Enough of that, lets get driving!

The tomtom One gives a clear 3d map of your route, really simplified, and the zoom level is just right. As you go faster the map zooms out, and zooms in at slower speeds. The voice (male or female) is loud and clear, and gives adequate warning of changes in direction.

A quick visit to the prefences menu & we can change to a top-down view, or night colours which are perfect for dark drives.

Basic navigating with the Tom Tom One is excellent. It deals with route changes quickly and easily, and if we delve into the extras we can unlock its real power.

"Find alternative route" is great. You can block the current route you're on, bring up a route-list of your journey and avoid specific roads, or even use the blue-tooth facility to phone up Tomtom & avaoid the traffic. (Tomtom traffic is a subscription service.)

POIs can be customised, and new ones added, like Speed-Cameras! The Tomtom with Speed cameras is a great combination, and makes it a really powerful device.

My conclusion? The Tomtom is a great device if you only want to navigate within the UK. It does everything a GPS device should, and more. Ok, Tomtom will get a few quid extra out of you for a case or a home-charger (which you don't really need), but as an entry level Satellite GPS system, in this price bracket, it can't be beat.

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i have a tom tom one great britain im going to uas can i upgrade my tom tom to take with me ? if so can u please tell me what i require thankyou. Tracey.

Visit Tomtom's website and buy the USA maps IF your Tomtom One has an SD card slot on the bottom.

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