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TomTom Help

Tomtom 300

Tom Tom Help

Q. My TomTom One / Go 300 / 500 / 700 will not switch back on!
A. Plug the unit into its charger / car lead and flip the unit upside down and look for the little hole marked "Reset" poke the end of a paper clip into it, then the unit should turn on.

Q. My Tomtom 510 / 710 / 910 Will not switch on! Make sure it is charged, take the main unit off the bracket, (pressing the "eject" button on the top front of the unit), flip it upside down and look carefully where the hole is where the bracket goes. You should see a tiny cut out. Thats the reset hole, although it is not marked! Carefully push the end of a paper clip into the hole, then put the tomtom back onto its holder & plug it in. It should now turn on.

Q. How do I update the Operating system on my TomTom?
A. Visit TomToms website.

Q. How do I get Speed Camera POIs on my device?
A. Visit Tomtom or Pocketgpsworld.

Q. The Speed Camera warnings aren't working on my TomTom!
A. Go to the preferences, manage POIs on your device. Find the Speed Camera POI and make sure they're selected. Do not tick "warn only if on route" because some cameras are set back from the road.

Q. There's no voice on my Tomtom!
A. First check the volume by taping on the bottom corner of the screen, then if that doesn't work, go to preferences, voice, and select the voice again. Try a reset if this doesn't work.

Q. My unit is in the holder, but the hands-free isn't working, but it was ok yesterday!
A. The unit is not sitting correctly in the holder. Take it off and plug it in again.

Q. My phone won't pair up with my TomTom for hands-free calling!
A. Make sure the Tomtom and your phone are fully charged, and the Tomtom is on the mount. Make sure your phones bluetooth is switched on. Try to pair again, and set your phone to always pair with the Tomtom. If it still doesn't work, visit Tomtoms website to check phone compatibility and download the latest software updates.

Q. My Tomtom is talking slowly, like its drunk!
A. Reset the device.

Q. My Post-Code is wrong!
A. A common problem. Just enter the destination as an address instead.

Q. I'm trying to find a camp-site or caravan site, but the Post-Code isn't specific enough, and the address isn't either!
A. Try finding it using Point of Interest in City. Enter the nearest town, and you'll find that most camping / caravanning sites appear, and your Tomtom will take you straight there.

Q. My Tomtom takes me on routes that I wouldn't normally use - is it broken?
A. No! Tomtom, or any GPS navigation devices are an aid to navigation - it doesn't know your personal favourite routes! If you know the way, turn it off!

Q. I just want my Tomtom to warn me of speed cameras and not tell me where to go.
A. Tap the screen, go through menu until you find "clear route".

Q. How do I put my Tomtom into demo mode to show my friends how cool it is while in the comfort of my own home?
A. Use advanced planning, then tap on route, then route demo.

Comments / Questions:

The speaker on my Tomtom Go 520 distorts especially on hands free and when the volume is above 75%. Is this normal?

No. Take it back.

I have just purchased a TOM TOM one. After switching the unit on it asks me to insert the SD card. It then asks me to remove the SD card, it then asks me to insert the card and so on and so on on. I'm getting nowhere. Can someone advise please?

See the post below and get TomTom Home.


Try downloading TomTom home and installing the latest software. Back it up first!

hi. i have a tom tom one xl,when i try to connect wireless it only dose 50 per cent then says error cant continue. my phone is lg model kg800 can you help please..

It isn't a compatible phone.


Er, contact TomTom. See below.

My Tomtom one key pad needs re-calibrating, when you press 1 on the keypad it comes up with 3. Nightmare with post codes. How do I calibrate it ? Peter.

Contact tomtom using one of the links below.

Hi, i have a Tomtom Go710, after a recent update from Tomtom home, my device freezes then reboots evry 5 min or so, i followed tomtom's advice of doing a backup then reformatting the device/sd card, but this still hasn't repaired the fault. Is there a way i can format the device/sd card and start over again, ie, download tomtom home, then connect my device and download the map of Western Europe that i purchased less than a year ago? To summerise can i start from scratch? Nikki.

Contact Tomtom using one of the links below.

I have the TomTom XL-S.  For some reason sometimes, but not always, a sign comes on the left bottom corner of the screen "Safety Lock Enabled".  When this comes on you can't type in a new address.  The address icon is dimmed and can't be used.  I've tried pushing the reset button but it doesn't help  Thanks for any advice you can give. Joseph.

Contact Tomtom.

I have a GO 700. I connected the bluetooth to my Razor. Whenever I make a call the person on the other end can hear me through the GPS but I can't hear them. Pls let me know what's wrong? Derrick.

Is your model of Razr fully compatible?

I have a 720  which worked well until I connected it to computer it came up with a cross and not to remove after 1 hour just the same I have pressed the reset button and now have a picture of a computer switches off and on but just goes back to the computer sign  HELP.

Contact Tomtom.

My Tomtom One Xl works fine when its plugged in via ciggerette lighter.  But it wont switch on unless I plug it in.  Once I have plugged it in and switched it on - its fine it will continue to work even if I unplug it.  But once its switched off I cant turn it on again.  This is particuarly annoying if I want to set an address as I have to go and sit in the car to do it.

Also I find the suction window thing is naff and constantly falls off when I am driving.

Take it back.

i bought anew 2gb sd card from tomtom andit would not work on my device a red cross kept flashing on and off i reset my device still not working went to tomtom home ithen tried to reinstall my settings now my screen is frozen on the picture of hand tried reset button and start up again but picture still frozen hope you can help  john.

Contact tomtom, sounds like you've got a duff one.

hello i have just purchased a tom tom one xl 1 week ago and to day all the speed camera alerts have stopped i tryed the one on your main screen but the option to turn camera on was  not there can you help please. wayne.

Look for the menu option that says "show all menu options".

Have recently purchased a 530T, and cannot work out how to download on to it MP3 tunes, on the Tomtom web-site it is as clear as mud!!!! For a 40 something techno-phobe, can you please give me step by step instructions.
Thank you. Trevor.

You install music via the supplied or downloaded (from TomTom) HOME Software.

I have a tomtom one and up until now it has been working great. when i switch it on it will let me control it for a minute then it will take over and it will select buttons itself then will come on Help Me on the screen go into different menus and then select its own route in London then go to map share and then show a demo!!!!!
please help how do i get it to stop doing this and only work when i select options? KC.

It sounds like it's in demo mode to me. Reset it (button / hole on bottom) and set it up again.

I accidently picked another language for my tom tom while I was driving I'm trying to get it back to english please help!

Go into the settings and look for the lips and the flags. Or just press the reset button on the bottom.

Hi I have a Go 520 and it keeps coming up safety lock enabled and will not allow me to input an address or postcode I can only go where I have been before  this happens 3/5 times its used any ideas on how to unlock this or rectify it. NA.

Try pressing the reset button on the bottom, or go into the settings and do a factory reset.

I have a GO530, which I connect to Traffic via GPRS on my Motorola V9. Every time after setting a journey and switching traffic on, it does a soft reset after about 3-4 minutes, losing my route, last destinations and zoom/screen settings. Periodically does the same ~1 hour. Have latest download. Seems linked to the traffic update. Any thoughts? David.

Contact TomTom - that's a tough one.

i have a tomtom 530 and cant get it to recognise incoming messages from my nokia 6300. it reads outgoing but not incoming as they dont show up.
any ideas please?

Its not listed as a compatible phone yet - wait for a firmware upgrade.

I have a tomtom Go 910, when i plugged it in to drive the screen froze then it switched itself off and when i switched it back on i lost all my european maps and can only get US maps. how do i get the eurpoean maps back? thanks. Sophie.

I take it you've backed the device up through the TomTom Home Software?

no i have not backed my device up.didnt know i had to. any ideas what i can do? thanks sophie.

I think your TomTom thinks its a US one, so you need to tell it to use the Western European maps. Either reset it using the hole underneath and then go through the set-up precess, or go into the settings and look for the maps page, and change it to Western Europe and not North America.

Tomtom XL - I have downloaded Canada/america maps to an SD card, and whilst the maps appear on the card via Tomtom Home, when I disconnect from the PC i just get an SD symobol with a red cross through it. 'Help' says I can switch devices in 'Home' but that function is greyed out in the menu. Apart from deleting my UK maps, how can I access the SD maps on the XL?? Ian.

Take a look at this post on the TomTom help site.

i have just bought the new tom tom 930 and it is not showing the traffic problems ahead and also it is not responding to the voice activated adress mode also i have the volume on its maximum and when i recive a phone call on the move i can hardly hear it please could you give me the answers to these problems because i would hate to take it back and go back to using my trusty garmin sat nav. Peter.

First try resetting it (look for the little hole on the back, see the manual). If it still doesn't work, take it back.

please help!!  the voice is not working on my tomtom. the volume is up. I have reset it and still it is noit working... Michael.

First go into the options and change the voice to a different language and see if that works... If it doesn't you may have a duff speaker. TomToms come with a two year guarantee in the UK< so find your receipt and take it back for repair.

i updated my new tom tom 720 but when it finished there was a big red cross on the screen and nothings working now can you help me please,urgentm im a door to door nurse for the dying and desperatly need my tom tom as i travel to houses every day.

Try connecting it to TomTom Home again, but if that doesn't work take it back with the receipt - it may have to be sent off for repair.

I have been bought a tomtom go 520, its very nice but on the last few occassions the screen doesn't seem to pick up on me touching it.. especially when using the bottom row of letters whilst typing a postcode. i went to use it this morning and it came on but the screen has frozen. then i reset it and still not working I touch the screen and nothing...it has the old directions on it but just said waiting on gps signal. tried putting it outside to recieve some and still nothing. reset it again held it down for 15 sec turn it back on and still nothing..... please help me. So upset I rely on it with my work. Hollie.

You need to get hold of the receipt and take it back for repair. Tomtoms come with a 2 year guarantee in the UK.

The only problem is its my brother old boss that bought it for him and therefore we can't get hold of the receipt... I don't mind paying for the repairs but where do I send it to? and how much do you think it may cost?

You can phone TomTom support, numbers at the bottom of this page, and request a paid for repair.

I set my 720t to go from  my house to las vegas which is 160 miles down route 93. I logged it in to take the shortest route and it took me out of nevada and into St Gerorge Utah which is another 200 miles longer. I tryed the fasted route and it again took me the same way threw Utah. Is there a way to program it to start on 93 taking me threw Nevada? With gase prices thats a long way out of the way to go.Thanks for your help. Sandy, Pioche Nevada.

There's a couple of fixes for this.

First, if you know the way to Route 93, drive there first before you switch your TomTom on.

Secondly, use the route planning or itinerary planning to plan a route that goes to Route 93 (or somewhere near it) and then on to Las Vegas.

Does the Tom Tom XLS charge it's battery through the USB port on a PC?

Yes, you can normally charge your GPS from the USB lead, though it may not through a USB Hub.

I have bought a Tom Tom One XL V2 Europe Traffic from Amazon this week but I'm not convinced I've received the V2.  Can anyone tell me whether the  'V2' should be printed on the front of the box?  Thanks

The TomTom v2 can be distinguished from the v1 by colour and size - the v1 was a more chunky design, and black. The v3 doesn't have an SD card slot in the bottom (i think).

I don't think it says anything on the box.

Hi i have bought a tom tom 510 and it turns on fine and shows my home address but it wont pick up any satelites so cant do the journey please help !! Dominique.

Don't panic! First try a reset. Look for a small hole on the bottom of the unit and press it gently with a paper clip to see if that works. If not, look through the settings menu and find the factory reset option.

(PS it can take up to 10 minutes to get a lock after a reset, so make sure you're outside, with a clear view of the sky, and if your car has a heated windscreen it may need an external aerial, but check in someone elses car before you buy one!)

The time set on the unit is incorrect - how do I change it. My unit is Tom Tom One 130.

I think its in the settings.

I have a Tom Tom  one Europe and have just purchased maps for the Western USA. When I try to install them I get a message saying that I have to remove some maps to make room for the USA maps. How do I do this without losing my Europe maps and what do I do when I come back from holiday and I want to take the US maps off and reload Europe? Ron.

Does your One have an SD slot on the bottom? If it does, you can install the maps onto that. If it doesn't you'll need to copy off your Euro maps and then install the US ones. Check the TomTom site for instructions, I've never done it.

i have a tom tom 1, was working ok, didnt use it for a while, and when i switched it back on, it shows all the routes i need, except my home town, it cant  even find next street, ive tried reset, updating, still no joy, can you help. John.

Did you use TomTom home to back it up to your pc? If not it still may be worth downloading the latest version to see if can sort your problem out.

The volume on my new tomtom 1 europe is very quiet even when it is set on maximum. Anybody got any ideas on how to correct this fault? Steve.

Sounds like you've got a faulty speaker. Try a reset (the hole on the bottom) first, but if that doesn't work take it back.

I was bought a TOM TOM 12st edition 2 years ago for xmas which I used as a walking hand held map. But recently I bought a car and used the cigarette lighter adapter made by tom tom. (4D00.003) and it has another number 023818
output5v 2a
Made in China
It has a small red fuse i think it's a fuse it wont come out, on the side.

The adapter is not long enough and seems to small to use in the lighter. The metal end does not touch the inside part of the cigarette lighter as I have measured it. The lighter is a regulare type.

I taped on a small metal piece to the end of the adapter with insulatioin tape and the metal piec now touches the end of the cigarette lighter inside and it works.

But this is not good enough as it sometimes stops when i brake hard.

Why have i not got the right adapter which came with the TOM TOM 1st edition in the box and if this is not right where can I get a proper one from.

I drive a toyota corolla verso and a my wife drives a bmw all the shops say it should fit?

Please help going mad. Eamon.

You've come across a common problem - car makers keep on changing the size of their cigar lighter sockets, just enough to stock adapters working properly, or making them fall out.

The solution is to get a splitter or extension lead from your local car accessory shop. These leads normall have a smaller plug, and the extension sockets normally fit your GPS lead perfectly.

The charging outlet thing in my car is broken. Are there other available ways of charging my tomtom? Like something that plugs into a regular outlet? If so, where could I bye such a device? Any help would be great!...

Just buy a wall charger from Amazon.

I have a Tom Tom G 930T, and cannot seem to activate the spoken address on my G 930 T (option grayed out) LLew.

Try a different voice.

My TomTom was working but after a period of not using it, it now shows a sim card with a big red cross through it - how do i fix it or do i need to buy a new one? Wayne.

Download the latest version of Home from TomTom and see if that'll fix it.

all the maps etc are now upside down, but otherwise it works fine. Elanor.

Check the settings screen - there's an option to flip the screen.

I have received my tom tom xl v2, how do i know it is the right model and set, the box just says tom tom xl GB and ROI? it doesnt says xl v2

Check the "about" screen in the options.

I have A GO 720 keep loosing camera warnings both visual & sound I can not instructions in the manual to reset can you help.

Try the little hole where there bracket goes in at the back.

I have tried to connect several phones for plus services. Am trying a new phone now with new provider)  but the tomtom xl keeps trying to connect to previous provider. How do i reset this? I have reset factory settings, but it still wants to use the first provider and won't allow me to key in a new one. HELP, David.

Try the reset button again, and the "reset factory settings" option in the menus again.

Hi,i have TomTom 1 3rd edition,i have paid to download a map of France,but now  TomTom tells me.."problem with map,you cannot use this map on this device: France"Any ideas?

Try a different PC, try a reset, reinstall TomTom Home, then contact TomTom!

Just bought a tomtom 520, loaded tomtom Home on my laptop plugged base unit into my USB port but the software does not see it. TT Home keeps giving me the message "No TomTom can be seen"
HELP. Bernard.

Try a different USB Port. Try a different PC. Turn off firewalls.

I purchased tomtom three weeks ago for a trip and he worked great. This week I went to use it and he will not work ,all it reads it that it lost the gps signal.Who can help me reset this signal.I have all ready held down the on button for 15 seconds. Laura.

Find the reset button and press it - usually on the bottom, consult your manual.

I cannot get my Go 300 to talk to Tom Tom home version 2 - it gets as far as asking me if I want to connect, goes to the next screen and then freezes - any suggestions?
Have updated firmware using Tom Tom home version 1 and have installed all available updates (I think). Jenny.

Try it on a different pc.

Is there a way to check my speed (MPH), using my Tom Tom 500, in my antique Ford Model A? Will it operate on 6 volts? Fred.

Check the lead for the operating voltage, but it probably will need at least 12v. Why not just run off the 500's internal battery? If you upgraded to a newer One or Garmin 200 series you'd get quite respectable battery life out of those units.

I have a tomtom one, the start up screen is ok, but when the map appears it is all upside down. if you turn the whole thing upside down you can use it, but it will not stay in its holder.
any advice would be a great help................
This started with a red cross and I could do nothing with it, so I deleted the SD card memory and reloaded it from backup. Then it worked except its upside down. Crozzer.

Look in the settings - there's an option to flip the screen.

I have bought a new map but can't download to TomTom One. I can see the map in My TomTom but am not getting anywhere with TomTom Home. I tried shutting down firewall etc (which meant uninstalling AVG and Firefox as I didn't know how to disable them) but I still got no further than (miracle) Home starting up when I connect TomTom. I tried unistalling Home 2 and installing Home 1.5 and then updating to Home 2 but still can not get any further.
I have also reset TomTom and tried another usb cable. HELP!!!!!
I have e mailed TomTom support (days ago) but have not had a reply.
Many thanks

Try a different pc.

I want to tell my tomtom one (third edition, latest firmware) to go from A-C VIA B, how do I do that? At the moment I have to tell it A_B and then when at B tell it B-C. Rachel.

Itinerary planning, press the arrow and go to the next screen.

Is there any way to tell my tomtom one to ALWAYS use toll roads where available. It seems to have an aversion to the m6 toll!! The only way I can plot a route using the toll is to tell it to go to the services on the toll.. Rachel.

Nope. Keep doing it your way. (But also check that in the avoidances you haven't got toll roads ticked).

Can anyone tell me which models with eu mapping have an audio output that can  be plugged into my bike helmet intercom? Dave.

Get a Tomtom Rider.

i have a tom tom 3 europe, it seems to work fine then after a while it loses its signal, can you help?

Try a reset using the hole in the bottom.

I have a TOM TOM GPS which I run thru my HP ipaq.
It is a silver gps which, although is being detected by the ipaq, is not registering satellite connection.
Any advice please.

It will probably be something to do with the Ports the device is using, you really need to search Google for the instruction and set-up manuals.

after installing the latest updates on my tom tom one the screen is showing a flashing red x and is stuck i have tried a reset but nothing changes please advise me what i can do. Rob.

Check out this forum thread.

using tom tom 6 on pda and the navgation on map is a bout 2 seconds behind map. How do i sort?

Try shutting down all other running processes / programs to speed up your PDA.

where can i buy the fm dock for tt910 around the north west?

I'd try ebay, tomtom themselves, or Amazon, that units pretty old now.

My Tomtom one, 3rd edition shows a red cross when I turn it on. I've found out how to fix this problem but the software refuses to believe the Tomtom is connected. It just keeps telling me to connect it again.
All was working fine until I istalled an update to the tomtom home software.
I can't even open the Tomtom through windows. Lucy.

You've got to phone TomTom and explain the situation, they keep having problems with this software.

I have tomtom 1 with western europe, just purchased New Zealand via download. Its not showing up on my maps on device despite tomtom home telling me that its on the device.

Make sure you go to the settings and make sure the map is selected.

I have a TomTom Europe v3- Whenever I take it out of the car and leave it for a day or two -the battery is flat and needs to be recharged even though it had been fully charged before and was connected to the cigar socket..is this normal?

Sounds like the battery is on its way out.... it could be worth buying an ac charger though, and seeing if that improves the situation.

my tomtom one 3rd wont turn on pressed the reset button and when i try and turn it on it startsup for a bout 3seconds then goes off any body with any ideas? Steve.

Ok, go over to TomTom and download the latest version of their Home software, install it, and follow the instructions - it may help.

I am now on my third Tom Tom 1 in car charging lead, they all seam to have a defect in that the end that plugs in to the Tom Tom does not work (appears to go lose, not making contact)after a short period of time. Any observations?, are you aware of an on-going defect? Les.

I'm not aware of a problem - could it be the socket in the bottom of your TomTom has become distorted and is breaking the leads? Give Tomtom or your retailer a ring.

I have got a tomtom one 3rd edition i would like  it to use my nokia 3109c bluetooth for traffic reports can this be done.

Sorry, Tomtom don't list that phone as a compatible device at the moment.

I bought a TOM TOM from DIXONS last year, It started to play up after around two months, It kept losing the signal whenever it was used for more than around an hour, I took it back but they just sent it off to tom tom who could find no fault with it. I took it back to DIXONS after another month and they refused to offer me a refund, I thought they had to do this under law, I rang the Citizens advice and they told me to write them a letter explaining what i had done and to Note Section 75 of the law on buying goods, i just wondered whether you had any advice I do not want another one as i have had to go out and buy another one as i need it.
What do you suggest ? Troy.

I'm no expert on consumer law I'm afraid. I would phone Dixons and TomTom's customer help-lines and politely explain the situation, then write letters if that doesn't work. Always remember that 1) Electronic goods can be sent back to the manufacturer to ascertain faults. 2) Never, ever accept a repair - once you do, they don't have to give you a refund.

How do I change the language to English? Sylvia.

The easiest way is simply to reset it - depending on the model, there will be a little hole on the bottom of the unit - maybe labeled "reset". Check your manual for details. Don't press anything into the microphone hole though!

My Tomtom shows me on the road 40 meters to my right and not what road I'm really on. MJ.

You need to reset the device, either using the reset hole (see your manual) or by the reset option in the settings.

I've got a TomTom ONE 3rd Edition.  Although I am in Oxfordshire, England, when I press the Help me! icon and ask for the nearest police station or doctor I get a list from Ireland, over 200 miles away!  Strangely, details of hospitals, public transport, car repair are all correct.  Grateful for any help please. John.

Thats a common problem across all brands of Sat Nav - something to do with not having different phone numbers for each Police Station (they have call centres), but I don't know why that mean they couldn't just have the Geographic location of the Police Stations. I guess in an emergency they just want you to call 999.

i have a tomtom one , and i pluged it in to my laptop to update it and it lost all my maps ,and when i turn it on it says no maps found! is it broken? Ryan.

You want to try a reset first (check your instructions) then get on over to TomTom and download the latest version of their Home software - it may be able to sort it out. The Golden Rule is Back-Up, Back-Up, Back-Up!

Hi, My tomtom 300 will not switch on i have tried a new charger this didnt fix it, i have also tried charging and holding down the reset button. Any ideas? Dan.

You've done what I would have done. It may be worth trying it in with the car charger lead - and resetting it then. The only other thing would be to go to TomTom.com and download the correct version of Home to see if there's a firmware update that could help.

When i plug my tomtom 720t into my computer when i try to do anything it tells me to resart by discon and recon my tomtom when i do this it tells me to do it again. cheers. Andy.

Eh? Try pressing the reset button, and if that doesn't work go through the options to find the factory reset and do that. If still no luck, nip on over to TomTom.com and download the latest Home software, just incase the firmware needs updating.

I am trying to download a new map i have just bought. I cannt find the correct device code. where will i find my device code for my tomtom 700? Layola.

Check out this link:

I have a TOM TOM one, how can I specify that the route will only use A roads and Motorways. To avoid being taken down narrow lanes with a cararvan in tow?

As far as I know you can't specify to only travel on A Roads and Motorways, but as long as you always choose the fastest route, you should be ok. One option you could do is to look at the route summary before you go, then "avoid part of route", and select any unsuitable roads to avoid.

I can't stop the demo from going, how do I stop? Jan.

Ok, press the middle of the screen, then go through the options until you find "clear route" or "stop route". You should be ok to enter a new destination then, but remember don't ask for a route demo at the end!

I want to be alerted to traffic problems on a known route but don't want to hear the voice directions. How do I switch them off without clearing the route?

Just turn the volume down.

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