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TomTom Go 920 / 920T In-Car Sat Nav Review

Top Of The Range, We've Got Maps Of USA & Europe, Bluetooth, FM Modulator, And So Much More...

TomTom Go 920

If your business or pleasure regularly takes you on driving trips around Europe or North America, and you're in the market for a new in-car Satellite Navigation Device, The New TomTom Go 920 could be the one for you. (The 920 replaces the Go 910).

Before we get into the technical descriptions, lets have a quick look at what you get in the box. The Tom Tom itself, windscreen sucker mount, usb home docking station, cigar power lead, instructions, discs, Bluetooth Remote Control, and if you've purchased the "T" version, TomTom's RDS-TMC aerial - which lets the device guide you around congestion, for free.

So what can this TomTom do? (Deep-breath) It has street-level maps of the UK, Western Europe and North America (US & Canada), so you can enter Post-Codes, Cities, Addresses, Junctions, etc to find your destination. You enter information using the touch-sensitive wide screen, which is made easier with the choice of either a qwerty or abcd keyboard. You can also navigate to favourites, which you store in advance, recent destinations, or POI's. POI's, or Points of interest, are locations of hotels, car-parks, restaurants, cash-points, etc, that the TomTom keeps in its internal 4gb memory. So if you need to find the nearest petrol station, simple press navigate to, poi near me, then fuel station. Very easy to use and very useful.

The Go 920 comes pre-installed with Speed Cameras too, so it will alert you when approaching a Gatso, Truvelo, or other common mobile position. To keep this accurate and updated you'll have to subscribe to TomToms speed-camera database, which costs about £25 a year.

We have Bluetooth for hands-free calling with a compatible mobile phone. Simply pair the two devices, add the TomTom to your phones trusted devices, and when you're driving all incoming / outgoing calls are directed through the TomTom's speakers. You can even transfer your phonebook entries across to the Go 920, and if "compatible enough" will read out your text messages.

That nicely brings us on to Text to Speech. Unlike budget Satellite Navigators, The 920 will actually read out the name of the road you're meant to be turning onto. eg Instead of saying "Turn left in 200 yards" it will say "turn left onto Clapham road". Ok it might not get the pronunciation right every time, but this is a great feature, especially in city-centres and urban areas where they may be several "turn lefts" in those 200 yards.

We've got an FM Modulator. This turns the 920 into a mini FM Radio Station. Tune your car stereo in and all voice instructions (but not phone calls) are directed to your car speakers. Great in noisy vehicles, bad weather or if you're traveling fast. The FM transmitter also means that the:

MP3 player is actually quit good. With plenty of internal memory, and the ability to take an expansion SD card up to 4gb, you can load up your favourite tracks to your TomTom, turn on the FM Modulator, and listen to them wirelessly, with voice instructions cutting in when required. You can even plug your ipod into your TomTom with the purchase of a special lead.

Tomtom are taking a big leap forward with maps this year. They've introduced "mapshare" a revolutionary system that lets you make improvements to your own maps and share those changes with other users. This means your maps should become more and more accurate as time goes on. This feature will work for one year after you have registered the device, then you'll have to buy a new map pack.

Although in the following video they're looking at mapshare on a Go 720, the implementation is exactly the same on the go 920. (I also though it was quite cool.)

What have we missed? "Help Me" - a great idea. Just press the menu icon and your TomTom will guide you to, or phone the local emergency services, breakdown services, hospitals, Petrol Stations, etc. The unit displays the number to ring (and will ring it if you have Bluetooth enabled) and also displays a clear description of your current location.

Voice recognition. A bit of a gimmick, but you can now talk to your TomTom, and enter addresses that way. It does work, but I'm not sure if its any quicker than using your fingers, although it could be seen as a little safer.

You can record your own voice for turn instructions - the kids maybe? Or download funny alternatives from TomTom.

Tomtom have always excelled at route planning, and the Go 920 is no exception. True, they still can't sort multiple routes into the most efficient order, but you can enter multiple drop destinations, save favourite routes, choose which parts of a route to avoid, create road-blocks, all excellent stuff.

If you've got the TMC aerial plugged in, or a using your Bluetooth Cell Phone, you can download live traffic data and the device will guide you around congestion and queues if you want it too.

So there we have it, an overview of the new TomTom Go 920. Build quality is excellent, you feel like you've spent your money well. We've got the usual complaints about TomTom's windscreen sucker-mount, and it should be supplied with a case, but you can buy one as an optional extra.

In conclusion, if you need a Sat Nav with all the bells and whistles, that can take you round Europe and North America, the TomTom Go 920 is up there with the best.. Recommended.

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