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TomTom In-Car GPS Sat Nav Buyers Guide

TomTom Go 720

We Help You Decide Between The Different Models...


With the changes in the TomTom range over the last couple of months I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the range, explain the differences and advise on which might be the best Sat Nav for you.

Let's start with the TomTom One v3. A great entry level in car Satellite Navigation device, good for the UK and Eire . Full Post-Code look up, speed camera warnings, and thousands of Points of Interest files that can guide you to car parks, petrol stations, hotels, hospitals, etc. With the addition of a TMC-RDS aerial adaptor the One ver 3 can receive traffic congestion information, and guide you around queues and jams. The One GB cannot take expansion cards for European or North American maps, if you might be needing those soon get a One Europe. The One GB is also available in a widescreen version that looks great and adds that little extra bit of detail.

OK, next up is the TomTom One Europe v3, which is as above except that it comes preinstalled with maps of Western Europe . Also available in a wide-screen version, the One Europe v3 XL. If you need a simple navigator to cross Europe , at a great price but without the bells and whistles of the more expensive models, the One Europe or Europe XL should be the right Sat Nav for you.

Next we're into the new Go range, the 520, 720 and 920. All the units offer the same functionality; they just come with different maps. The 520 has maps of the UK and Ireland , the 720 adds Western Europe and the 920 also including North America . Just choose the model that meets your navigation requirements, although all can be expanded if you so wish.

The Go range includes all of the extras you will need, and this is reflected in the price. We have Bluetooth for mobile hands-free calling, a FM modulator to play all sounds through your car radio. Speech recognition for entering destination, Police Camera warnings, fantastic number of POI's, great "Help Me" section and these units will read out road names - a great advantage in towns and cities.

The new TomTom m Go's are widescreen and are very easy to use. You can use the built in Bluetooth to download traffic information (subscription based) or if you buy the optional TMC aerial you can get that info for free.

So, if you're attracted to a Go, get a 520 if you want maps of the UK , a 720 for Europe, or a 920 for Europe and North America .

If you're looking for a Sat Nav for your bike TomTom have the new Rider, more or which can be read here.

So there you go, a quick review of the current TomTom range, I hope it helps you to decide which Sat Nav is best for you!

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