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TomTom Go 910

Tom Tom Go 910 Review

Oh yes. Its here, the newest, top of the range Tomtom GPS Navigation device. I've been very lucky to get my hands on one and give it a good run, I haven't been this excited about a GPS device for ages.

When we heard that Tom Tom would be udating their range in the spring of 2006, we were skeptical. How could they improve on their already excellent range. There was whispers of widescreen, better GPS reception, but would it really be any better, or was it just an excuse to put the prices back up?

Fear not, once you've seen, and had a play with, any of the new Tomtom range, you won't want one of the old ones, no matter how cheap they go. Tomtom have made a great leap forward, beyond anything we could have imagined, and I think, left the competition dead in the water.

Ok. Here it is: The Tomtom 910 comes pre-installed with street-level maps of Western-Europe, Canada and the USA on a 20gb internal hard-disc (With Post-Code look-up for UK & Holland (!)). It comes with speed cameras pre-installed for the UK, France, Belgium, & Germany (!). It has Bluetooth hands free-calling. It has 12gb free for MP3s, audio-books or pictures. The Go 910 will not only give you voice instructions, but it will now read out the road names too!!!! You can connect your ipod to the 910 & control it via the screen. The 910 will link, via bluetooth, to compatible speakers to play your mp3s louder, if you want. There are loads more features, but I think you'll agree that this is great!

The Tomtoms now come in a new case, which is cooler & sleeker, and the windscreen bracket is sturdier and better designed, although the power-lead looks a bit weak. It comes with all the extras, remote, home-charger, usb lead, case, etc, so all you might need to buy extra is an ipod cable or an external antennae if you've got an UV reflective screen.

The new screen is wider (but slightly narrower) and also brighter and glare-free, a real improvement. The navigation menus are all similair to the old operating system, so new users and all will find it extremely easy to use. You can be off to your destination in about 4 taps of your finger.

For the user new to Tomtoms, everything is controlled by your finger on the touch-screen, just tap the screen, tap "navigate to", then enter an address (town, road), or Post-Code, Point of interest (perol stations, etc) or town-centre, favourite, recent, and you'll be off. Very simple.

The new ladies voice, Kate, sounds much more realistic than Jane, and as said before, Kate will read out road names, so she'll day "Turn left onto High Street", and it all works very well, with very few mispronounciations. The maps are wonderfully clear, and with Tomtom Plus, the 910 will guide you around traffic jams, tell you about the weather, or down-load the latest speed-cameras.

In use, the 910 picked up a GPS signal very fast - quicker than my old 500, and is meant to be better in built up areas. Navigation was everything we now expect from a GPS device - with wrong-turns handled with ease. As a navigation device, superb.

What about the extras? Hands-free works well, and the demos of the Mp3 player and audio book players were great, with the music / audio fading out when instructions were given. The image viewer looked good too, with pictures crisp and clear.

A particularly cool function was when browsing with the map. Zoom out far enough and the map is replaced by satellite imagary of the country, with roads laid on top. Very impressive. I havn't had chance to test the ipod connection, as I couldn't get a lead in time.

Overall. the Tomtom Go 910 impressed me greatly, and the price is good too. If you're in the market for a GPS unit that will do the whole of Western Europe, and that you could also use on fly-drive holidays to the States or Canada, then this is for you. Very impressive, well done Tom Tom! Buy A TomTom Go 910 World GPS Navigation Unit From Amazon.co.uk.

Update: Total PDA are now selling Refurbished Tom Tom Go 910 for 141 inc VAT - Bargain!

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Could you tell me the maps of which european counries are including in tomtom 910, please. and can i include more maps. Eugene.

Check out this link
Sure, if you get a 910 you'll want to update the maps, so just go to the
TomTom map shop

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