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TomTom Go 700

TomTom Go 700

Tom Tom Go 700 Review


The Tomtom Go 700 Sattellite navigation system, currently Tom Toms top of the range model, with a price to match. But is it worth the premium price-tag, and can it deliver the goods?

Opening the box, the included contents are comprehensive. You get the unit itself, screen mount, USB lead, car power lead, home charger, bag, discs, book, and a handy little remote control. Everything you need to start navigating straight away. The only exception to this will be if your vehicle has a UV reflective windscreen, then you'll have to purchase an external GPS reciever.

The Tomtom 700 uses an internal hard-drive to store all its maps, and the one I got was pre-loaded with Western Europe down to street-level. It is worth noting that while in the UK, Germany & France the maps are very comprehensive, coverage drops off significantly in other countries, so if you know where you'll be navigating to in Europe please check that the destitations you need are actually there!

Tomtom units are very easy to use. Two taps of the screen with your finger (no stylus' needed here) and we're into "navigate to" menu. You can choose full Post-Code ( for Holland & the UK), address, Point of Interest (Petrol Station, Hotel, etc), POI in a City (eg take me to a hotel in Paris), recent destination, favourite destinations (where you can save your own places), Town-Centres and point on the map. Very easy to use and works a treat.

In use the Tom-tom 700 picks up a GPS lock very quickly, and the 3d map combined with the clear (and loud) voice instructions makes navigating a breeze. Finding alternative routes couldn't be simpler, you can block the road you're on, avoid specific roads or specify just to find an alternative route. Wrong turns are handled quickly, with the unit quickly getting you back on track.

A quick visit to the "Change Preferences" menu and we can flip to a top-down view, turn on night colours, change the day-time map colors, change the voice, language, unit preferences, etc. Once you're happy with the basic operation of your unit, it can be fully customised from here.

The Tomtom Go 700 also has Bluetooth capability, which means you can make hands-free calls while driving! Visit the "phone" menu, set up the connection, and you'll be calling all your friends to tell them about the cool gadget you've just bought. Depending on your phone, you can import your own numbers, send text messsages, and recieve traffic information ( a paid for service) so the Tomtom can guide you round any snarl-ups on your route.

For a Pan-European GPS Navigation device, the TomTom 700 is excellent, giving you seemless routing across the continent. However don't buy a 700 if you're not going to use the European maps. Why? Well the cost savings to start with, but also the 700 is a little bit slower on start-up and when entering destinations than its SD memory equipped cousins the 500, 300 & One. Buy a TomTom GO 700 In Car GPS Satellite Navigation With European Mapping And Bluetooth From Amazon.co.uk.

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