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TomTom Go 510

Tom Tom Go 510 Review

TomTom Go 510The Tomtom 500 was my favourite GPS Navigation Device in the '05-'06 range - so how could Tom Tom improve on this impressive unit. Would the 510 just be an excuse to increase prices?

The answer is a definitive No! The Tomtom 510 is a big jump forward from the 500 - and the price is the same as the 300 last year - so its a bargain too! So what extra features and enhancements do you get this year?

Well, the Tomtom Go 510 comes with street-level maps of the UK (or whatever country you buy it in) and main roads for the rest of Europe. Full Post-Codes for UK, speed-cameras pre-loaded (excellent!!!), Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls or to connect to compatible headphones, speakers or car stereos. You also get the new anti-glare widescreen, which makes entering information a lot easier for those of us with fat fingers. With the right lead you can connect your ipod to the 510, it will play mp3s, show your digital photos, read audio books to you, download traffic info (subscription), use Tomtom Plus services, etc. A great unit. The bluetooth device is perfect for a T-Mobile cell phone and gets good reception in most any area.

In use, the Tomtom 510 picks up a GPS signal very quickly, and entering your destination is easy with either Post-Code, address, POI, favourites or recent destinations. The 3d maps are clear and easy to follow, and the voice instructions loud and come in with plenty of warning before turns. Automatic re-routing is almost simultaneous, and all the time I had the unit it worked flawlessly.

The new screen is bright and glare-free, and the new design looks good, an improvement over the old Go models. The inclusion of Speed Cameras out of the box I think is a great feature, adding value to a unit already packed with extra features.

For those of you new to Tomtom Satellite Navigation, you will be using the unit very quickly, all you need is your finger and a few minutes to go through the guided tour. Old Tom Tom users will find everything very familiar, and will be surprised and excited about the new options.

The hands-free calls I made were clear, it had no problem pairing with either of my Bluetooth enabled phones. I couldn't check the ipod functions, I didn't have the rquired lead, but I did download some mp3s to it, and they worked ok, but of course the sound quality wasn't that great because they were coming out of the small speaker.

If I already had a TomTom, would I upgrade to a 510? Maybe if I had a One or a 300. The 510 comes with the ltest maps, but as a Navigation device I'm not so sure its that much better than the old 500 or 700.

If I was in the market for a new device, I would definitely buy the Tomtom 510. Now the 300 will not be replaced, I think the bluetooth features on the 510 are essential, and overall it is excellent value for money. Once again, well done to the team at Tomtom. Get one today!!!! Buy a TomTom Go 510 Great Britain GPS Navigation Unit From Amazon.co.uk

Update: Total PDA are selling refurbished TomTom Go 510 for 117.50 inc VAT - Great Price!

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i have the tomtom 510   ,,im going to usa  ,, so if i pay to down load the maps for usa will they  work on this 510 tom,, tom...// thanx dave.

Yes, check out this link.

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