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TomTom Go 300

Tomtom 300

Tom Tom Go 300 Review

The Tom Tom Go 300 Satellite Navigation device offers 3d maps, voice instruction and full Post-Code look-up within the UK. It sits between Tomtoms Go 500, which adds Bluetooth hands-free calling, and the Tomtom One, which comes in a slimmer case. Is the Go 300 still a good GPS purchase?

Using any Tom-Tom Sat Nav is a delight. All you need is your finger. Press the middle of the screen, go to the "navigate to" menu and you'll be quickly entering your destination via postcodes, addresses, Points of Interest, favourites & recent finds. Simple and easy.

The Tomtom 300 will guide you pretty much flawlessly. The 3d map is clear and uncluttered, and the voice intructions timely and loud. From a navigation device, what more could you want?

Well, its not as simple as that now, and thats down to Tomtom themselves. Originally the Go 300 was their entry level model, and as such I would have heartilly recommended it to anyone who was in the market for a UK based Sat Nav. Tom Tom then released the One, which has all the features of the 300, but in a slimmer case, a faster processor, an obviously brighter screen, and a cheaper price.

I would say that if you're after a Sat-Nav unit for the UK, and don't want handsfree Bluetooth calling, you're better off saving some cash and buying a Tomtom One rather that a Go 300. If you fancy the Bluetooth Option, get a Go 500, and if you need street-level maps of Europe get a go 700.

As Tomtom changes their range in mid 2006, you may well find some real bargain Go 300s. If so, picko one up, but only if its significantly cheaper than a One. The brighter screen of the Tom Tom One really does make a difference. Buy a TomTom GO 300 In Car GPS Satellite Navigation With Bluetooth From Amazon.co.uk

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