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Toshiba Satellite 4000CDS NoteBook PC Project Pt2

Toshiba 4000cds

Toshiba 4000CDS Laptop PC Pt2 - Ready For the Internet!

Previous... OK. I know it works, but I need to get my new second-hand notebook ready to connect to the internet, update the operating system, install a virus shield and fire-wall, and install all my favorite applications. My plan is to use the Toshiba to write my books and web sites - all via a wireless connection (which I haven't bought yet!) but lets see if this thing can be made useable. With only a 6 gb hard-drive I'm going to have to be picky about which programs I install, no filling it with junk!

First up was to see if it could take XP without all the hard-ware becoming non-compatible. I popped in my update disc and after about an hour it was done. XP told me that the on-board graphics might not work, but they do, and all seems fine. Next up was service pack 2 (from a cd-rom!) and that loaded up fine.

Now I need virus protection, so I went to grisofts site and down-loaded the excellent AVG Free Edition to my home pc, and I also did the same to get the superb free edition of Zone Alarm, a great free fire-wall. Both these programmes were burned to cd-rom on my main pc, then transferred to the Toshiba notebook, and were installed successfully.

At this point I noticed that the time and date were wrong on my Toshiba lap-top, so I changed them. Woops! XP told my that the trial period was over, and all I could do was phone up and get an activation code. It took me a good couple of hours to find my original box with the code on, but then a quick local phone call to microsoft and I had an activation code. Back in business.

Next I installed Photoshop Elements 2 and Dreamweaver MX, both which seemed to work ok, if a little slow, but that's ok, this laptop only has 160mb of RAM! I had a little problem transferring my Dreamweaver sites over. You have to copy all the files, but don't forget to export the .ste file as well, that holds all the server and password info. (Site, Manage Sites, Export.)

Now I needed to connect to the internet. I created a dial-up account with Orange, no contract and 3p a minute off peak, put the connection settings in, connected the modem, and the Toshiba dialed up and connected easily. But 56k is so slow! I will definitely be getting a wireless card to connect to my broad-band isp, 56k just isn't workable.

Overall I am well pleased with my £50 Toshiba notebook. All it needs is a new battery and a wireless card. As soon as I get them installed I'll write part 3. Watch this space!!!

Update: After buying a Belkin Wireless Router, I've now got my Toshiba sharing the broadband internet connection via a USB Wireless G network adaptor - and it works very well. It should be noted that I did try a notebook card, but it wouldn't work.

The Tosh is now fully updated with all the security patches and latest virus files, and it had pride of place at the back of our dinning room, ready to surf the net in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Comments / Questions:

hey i bought one of these at a flea market for $20 and it had a modem in it do you know if that would work?

It's probably a dial up modem, so I doubt it. (Unless you get a dial up account, which is slow!)

Hallo, I have Tosh 4000CDS with XP, but I have problem with internet connection, wireless card in PCMCIA slot doesn´t work !

Same thing happened to me, I ended up using a usb wireless dongle.

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