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Toshiba Satellite 4000CDS NoteBook PC Project

Toshiba 4000cds

Toshiba 4000CDS Laptop PC

Another car boot bargain (I hope!). If you've read any of my other articles, reviews, etc, you'll have noticed that a lot of the stuff I use is old or could be termed legacy. That is to say no-one else wants to use it anymore, so I try to pick these items up cheap and get them working to their full potential.

I normally stear clear of Laptops, preferring pocket pcs or PDAs. The problems with old note-book pcs is that often they won't switch on - either the batteries are flat or dead, so you need to use the ac adaptor (which you can't test!) and / or buy a new battery. SO they're a bit of a gamble, and sellers always want a few quid for them. But as I was wandering round my local car boot sale early one Sunday morning I came across this tidy old laptop. What impressed me was that it came in a very nice hold-all, had the ac adaptor, a mouse, a modem card, a letter from the original comapny that owned it confirming it had been sold to one of their employees (5 years ago!) and a copy of Windows Office 2002. The software clinched it for me. I knew I could sell the software on ebay for about the same price as the Toshiba lap-top, so it was a no-brainer, even though it wouldn't turn on. £50 the lighter I headed home with my new purchase.

Plugging my new note book into the mains, it fired up straight away, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Windows 98 pop up, and everything seemed to be in order. The sound worked, the display looked nice, the Toshiba pointy pencil-rubber mouse worked, and the cd drive worked. Great! I went to the control panel to see what the spec was, and this is what I got for my £50: Intel Pentium 2 233mghz processor with 160mb of RAM (the maximum it could use), a 6gb hard-drive, 24x speed cd-rom, floppy, Psion Dacom 56k modem with lead, USB port (essential) serial / parallel ports, 12.1 inch (800x600) display, 2mb on board memory, on board sound, and Windows 98 with all the usual applications. I really like the bag it came in - large enough for all the accessories you need and more, with a good wide shoulder stap.

The bad news was the the battery is fried. I've tried to discharge and recharge to no avail, but replacements are available on ebay for about £50, so I can get it back up to original spec for £100, which I think is very reasonable, similair examples, without all the extra goodies that I got go for about £150 on ebay, so all in all I think I got a bargain. I was also hoping for a network connection, but I guess I'll just have to buy a network card, or I'm toying with the idea of going wireless to connect to my home network. I love the idea of being able to use my new note-book anywhere in the house, or at hotspots anyway. I also like the idea of being able to piggy back on other peoples internet connections, but thats a differnent ball game altogther!

Right, lets get this baby ready to connect to the internet. read on.....

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Internet Ready Toshiba 4000CDS Laptop!! (w/Warranty)!!
FREE Shipping with Make-it-Mine!!  Bidding is $129.00 would that be a good deal ?

Don't buy it. The 4000cds is too old now, you need something with at least a 40gb hard disc. New PC's / laptops are so cheap, I'd head down to my local computer store and see what offers they've got on.

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