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Speed Camera Detector Questions & Answers

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions About Warning Devices From Visitors To This Site

Q. what speed dection is best for the garmin nui 300, thanks. Jeffrey.

A. I'd go with Garmins offering.


Q. i was driving towards a standard speed camera facing the other way at 35Mph. it flashed, but no car was driving on the cameras side. will i get a speeding fine?.

A. If the camera was monitoring the other road, you're ok.


Q. RE: Inadvertant Speeding. TomTom systems use a mapping database which has embedded the speed limits of most roads (not yet all). I believe TomTom systems can be set to warn you audibly if you are speeding, not just near cameras. Unfortunately the PDA version TomTom Navigator 6, although it has the speed data and shows the actual speed against the limit eg 35/40 and this turns RED if you go over the limit, it has no Audio warning, so it is easy to miss. Do any other GPS systems have this facility? Jeremy.

A. I don't think so.


Q. 1) when going through a speed camera at high speed does the camera take a picture of the front or back of the vehicle.
2)Can motor bikes go through speed cameras with out being detected ( I do not have a motor bike it was a question between drivers) Harry.

A. Depends on the camera. Most Speed cameras now take a picture of the front of the vehicle - they've got a picture of who's driving it too then. Yup, bikers can get away with it, but then they do have problems with deisal on round-abouts, so I guess we're even...


Q. Hi, I wonder if you could help me. I am trying to find a device that will help me stop, inadvertantly, speeding.
The device would be GPS based, so that it would know the speed limit where I was. I would like to be able to input a speed at which I would like to be warned, say 33mph or 44mph or 55mph and so on, at which time both a visual and an audible warning would be sounded, until I reduced my speed. There would be a mute button, so that I could stop the audible warning if required.
Is there such a device?

If a device, which had these features, had other features as well, i.e. SAT NAV/CAMERA WARNING etc. Then that would be okay. Kind regards....Steve.

A. Hi Stephen! Great questions, & I’ll try my best to answer them.

First, a quick warning. No Speed Camera Warning device is 100% efficient; they are just an aide to safe driving.

No Safety Camera Detector device available (that I know of) knows the speed limit of where you are. They only know the speed limit of each individual camera location. This is important to understand because if you are inadvertently speeding where there are no speed cameras, the devices will not tell you to slow down, so you are at risk from mobile laser detector vans, police using Radar Guns, or being followed by Police vehicles.

However, most Speed Camera Detectors do give you the option of warning you if you exceed a certain speed – say 70mph, but that doesn’t help if you’re doing 45 in a 40!

So what’s the answer? I believe the safest solution is to use a combination of a GPS based Speed Camera Warning Device (which may or may not include Satellite Navigation) and a Radar / Laser Detector.

The GPS Warning device will alert you to fixed position cameras and common mobile locations, and the Laser / Radar Detector will listen for Mobile Laser Vans and Police Radar traps. There’s no way of warning you if you’re being followed by an unmarked Police vehicle – this is the way I was caught a couple of years ago. (You could invest in a Police scanner Radio, but these I think are illegal, and if you got pulled over with one of these in the car they’d throw the book at you.)

Which to buy? It depends on your budget, so below is a quick guide.

Under £100? Just buy a Snooper s2. GPS based Warning device with a simple laser detector. More details: http://www.snooper-radar-detectors.co.uk/s2.htm

Under £200? Get a Road angel compact with the optional laser detector add-on. This gives you GPS warnings of fixed position cameras and a better laser detector. More details: http://www.radardetectors.co.uk/road_angel_compact.htm

Under £320? Get a Road Angel Navigator 6000, which will give you GPS Navigation and an excellent combined Fixed Position Speed Camera Warning System. Details: http://www.ukspeedtraps.co.uk/roadangel6000.htm . Combine this with a Snooper S1 Radar / Laser Detector & we’re starting to get really serious. http://www.radar-detectors.co.uk/snooper_s1.asp

Under £410? A Road Angel Navigator 6000 & a Snooper s5r, http://www.radar-detectors.co.uk/snooper_s5.asp

Remember that all the GPS Warning devices need a paid subscription, and if your car has a reflective windscreen the GPS units may need an external aerial.

Hope that helps!

Rob, webmaster at www.sciuridae.co.uk


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I was driving north on the A1 in scotland, the road was a single carrigeway with a 60mph limit. On the opposite side of the road was a south facing camera. I had just overtaken a lorry and was on my own side of the road and I am not sure if the camera flashed or if it was the sun in my door mirror. My question is, can I be flashed by a camera facing me on the opposite kerbside when there are no road makings on my side of the road? Thank You. Craig.

Probably Not.

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