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Snooper S2 GPS Speed Camera Detector Review

Snooper S2 Camera Detector Review

Snooper S2When I saw the price of this unit, on offer under £100, I thought Snooper had to be joking with their budget GPS based Speed-Camera Detector. Snoopers GPS systems normally go for well over £200, so how could this little thing be?

I have to say that I have been pleasantly suprised. For the motorist on a budget, the S2 provides an adequate level of protection from the infestation of Speed-Cameras that have taken over our roads.

What do you get for your money? Well, the S2 is a GPS based camera detector with 360 degree laser protection. What does that mean? Inside the Snooper is a map where all the fixed position "safety" cameras are in the UK. Using Global Positioning Satellites to know its position, the unit warns you as you approach cameras with beeps and coloured LEDs. The small laser detector on the top of the unit is designed to pick up mobile speed-enforcement camera units , and the unit beeps at you if it detects one of these.

The Snooper S2 has the added advantage of knowing the speed-limit of the cameras it is warning you about - so it will only give you the audible warning and red LEDs if you're over the limit. No screeching box when you're crawling past a camera in a queue then!

The unit fixes onto your windscreen with the usual suction mount, and plugs into the cigarette lighter. Be aware that it doesn't work straight out of the box, I had to register mine to get an unlock code, and you will need an internet connection to download the camera map updates. (About £5 a month).

Would I recommend the Snooper S2? It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of its more expensive cousins, but it works well, and warned me of all the fixed position cameras in my area. What more could you want for under £100?

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