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Road Angel Plus Review

Road Angel Plus Speed Camera Detector Review

Road Angel PlusA quick glance at the new Road Angel Plus GPS speed camera detector and you'll say, well it looks like the old one, but it £50 more! Thats exactly what I thought until I hooked one up and had a go, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Road Angel Plus works by storing in its memory the locations of all the safety camera, black-spots and primary schools in the UK, and by comparint those with its known location given by the integral GPS reciever on the top of the unit. When approaching a danger area, the Roadangel flashes red, beeps, and a voice warns you of the problem. The device also has a laser detector on the front which should pick up any Police mobile units targetting you with their nasty guns.

The Road-Angel Plus improves on the New Road Angel and Compact by having a built in battery, which should last 8 hours, and limit awareness. This means that it will only warn you if you are near or over the limit when approaching a camera, a feature seen in the Compact but sorely missing from the New Road Angel.

In use the RA Plus is a joy to use. Simple and easy. It detected all my local speed-cameras, and I was able to test the limit awareness feature by driving past a location where a camera has recently been removed. The unit stayed quiet when I was below the limit, and gave me a nice loud warning when over the limit.

Like all devices of this type, you get 6 months worth of free updates, then you have to pay a small monthly fee to keep the unit updated with new camera location, a small price to pay to keep your license.

With the Road Angel Plus, Blackspot (who make it) have combined the best features of their previous products into one seriously impressive GPS Speed Camera Detector. No car driver should be without one.

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