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Road Angel Navigator 7000 Bluetooth GPS and Speed Camera Detector Review

Why Pay The Extra For The Navigator 7000? Because You May Need Those Extra Features..

Road Angel 6000At first glance the Road Angel Navigator 7000 doesn't look to much better than it's much cheaper little brother, the Navigator 6000, but let's dig a little deeper...

The 7000 has a good Satellite Navigation portion, it's a bit trickier to use than a tomtom or a navman, but once you get used to the interface it is more than useable.

Full Post Code look-up, favorites to save common destinations, auto re-routing, 3d maps, voice guidance, and in the 7000 version major roads in Europe.

Where both versions of the Road Angel Navigator excel is in the way that they integrate the Speed Camera Warnings into Navigation, in a much better way than any of the other in car Satellite Navigation systems.

While navigating, as you approach a speed or safety camera, the border of the screen will turn red if you're traveling too fast, and the unit will talk to you, telling you to slow down, with the speed and type of the camera. Very Good.

You can also use the device in "Warning Only" mode, for routes that you know, but where you don't want to caught out by letting your speed creep up where you shouldn't. This is the view that you'll see in the picture above. No distracting "turn left in 200 yds..." etc, the Road Angel will just warn you about Speed Camera's. Just what we want.

So what makes the Navigator 7000 different from the 6000? European Major Roads for a start, but the big difference is in it's BlueTooth capability. No mobile phone hands-free, but the unit will use your phone to contact Black Spot to download the latest Speed Camera POI files, to keep the device up to date. Very neat.

The Tomtom units can do this as well, but they aren't half as effective when it comes to Speed Camera Warnings, so this extra functionality is very useful indeed.

So if you're after a Sat Nav / Speed Camera Warning Device that can update it's POI files wirelessly, away from a PC, the Navigator 7000 is a great choice. Recommended.

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