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Putting Your Psion To Work - The Perfect Mobile Office! - Part 3

Email. First Via PsiWin Then Wirelessly. (Hopefully) Actually I Couldn't Get It To Work. If You Do, Tell Me How With The Contact Form At The Bottom Of The Page!

Psion 5 With MobileThe idea behind this article / guide was to get my Psion 5 to sync with Outlook email, but I couldn't get it to work, you need a 5mx or higher apparently.

You may however find some useful info, so I've left it on the site. If you do find a simple way to sync emails to a Psion 5, please uses the contact form at the bottom of the page.

In our previous article we showed you how to transfer documents between your Psion and Desktop.

This time we're going to be looking at e-mail, first via the Serial Cable and PsiWin, and then maybe we'll try to do it wirelessly via a compatible mobile phone.

In these examples I'll be using my trusty Psion 5, but the tutorial also applies to 5mx, Revo, 7 and Netbook. If I get time I'll add a guide for the 3c and Siena at a later date.

Lets get started!

mail update for psion

First up, as we're going to be using a Psion 5, we need to head on over to the Psion site to download the update to let us handle email.
(This doesn't apply to the 5mx as it already has this application installed or on the cd - I think.)

Unzip the file to a folder of your choice.

Connect your Psion 5 to your PC with the serial lead .

Double click "MSGSUITE.SIS"

Mail installer

The installer should fire-up and start loading the program onto your Psion. Its a big file so may take some time. No usb 2.0 here!


Mailsuite User Guide

Now go back to that folder you unzipped earlier and double click on the "MESSAGE.PDF" file, then read the instructions!

As you can see connecting a Psion 5 / 5mx / 7to the internet or email wirelessly is very complicated. You need a modem or compatible mobile phone, and as I haven't I can't test this properly.


If you're the proud owner of a 5mx / 7 / netbook you should be able to sync your emails via PsiWin.

I haven't got any of those, so can't test it, but I have included the instructions below. Good Luck.

Sync Choice

Ok, fire up Psion Synchroniser. (Start, All Programs, PsiWin, Psion Synchroniser).

Click "new".

Click the email button, select Microsoft Outlook at the bottom, then "next".

Stick in a new account name if necessary. Click advanced to choose the way you want the email sync to work.

Click next.

Drum Roll!


Synchronise Now!

I'm not sure what happens next, I'll update this page when I get a 5mx or 7 to test it on.

So there's the end of our little exercise to turn our Psion into a mobile office. Everything worked fine except e-mail synchronisation, which apparently you need a 5mx or higher to do. To sync your Psion 5 email with a modem or phone is possible, but it looks horrendously complicated and as I don't need to do it (and I haven't got the hardware) I won't be following that path yet...

My advice? If you need to access your email while on the move, the Psions aren't the best option. I'm not an expert in this field, but this video of the Iphone looks very useful.

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