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Putting Your Psion To Work - The Perfect Mobile Office! - Part 2

Now Let's Look At Transferring Documents Between Our Desktop PC and Psion - And Back Again!

In our previous article we showed you how to transfer outlook / agenda / contacts data to your new Psion, so now it's time to have a go at transferring documents.

Part of the beauty and power of Psion devices are their excellent screens, great keyboards and long battery life, making them perfect for writing notes, letters, spreadsheets on the move, then transferring to your desktop, or vice versa.

PsiWin can handle a number of popular document formats, see below for a quick guide

Psion File Type
Windows File Type
MS Word
MS Excel
Text File - .txt
MS Access
Windows Bitmap

Not all of these files can be swapped both ways, or on all devices, but the two important ones for me - Word and Sheet - can, so lets look at those on our three example devices, the Siena, 3c and Psion Five. (Once you're familiar with PsiWin you can play around with different file types and see what happens.)

Right, let's get started!

MS Word Doc

First up find a Word and an Excel File on your desktop pc that you want to transfer to your Psion.

I've picked a Word file with a picture in it and a long file name to see how PsiWin handles it.

Selecting My Psion

Now connect your Psion to the PC with your serial cable. (I'm using my Psion 5 in this example).

The little line should go squiggly.

Now we want to copy the files across, so to start, on your desktop, click Start, All programs, PsiWin, My Psion.

A window should open up similar to this.

You can now look inside your Psion by clicking on the Internal (C) or Disc (D) icons. You'll see files and other icons. This is just like Windows Explorer.

Now find your Word or Excel file on your desktop, right-click to copy, then go into Internal (c) on "My Psion", "Documents", then right-click "Paste".

Copy Dialogue Box

This box will pop up telling you what PsiWin is about to do.

Click "Convert".

If you now open up your Psion you should see the document, albeit without the image, ready for further editing.

Pretty cool, eh?

Once you've finished editing on your Psion, just close the document, and do the above in reverse to get the document back on your desktop pc.

Lets try the 3c and Siena next.

Hmmm. Had a few problems trying to convert MS Word to a Psion .wrd. Document on the Siena and 3c.

First, make sure you're in the "WRD" folder in "My Psion" when you paste the file. PsiWin will ask you to rename the file if its too long. Make sure you add .wrd onto the end of the filename.

The document opened up on the older Psion's, but there was a load of junk characters at the top of the screen.

Creating a new Word file on the Psion and copying it to the Desktop PC worked fine. More research required, but it could be that the 3c and Siena are better for "Psion to Desktop" conversions rather than the other way round.

So there we go, you now know how to transfer files between your Psion and desktop. It looks like the Psion Series 5 and up are best for two-way transfers, but we know that with 3c's and Siena's we can write stuff and put it on our desk-tops very easily.

Next Up: Email!!!

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