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Sony PSP

Sony PSP

We bought our son a new Sony PSP for Christmas, and after playing with it for a few hours (after he had gone to bed....) I feel compelled to write a review about this fantastic device. I'm even thinking of getting one for myself.

The first thing that strikes you about the Sony PSP is how big the screen is, and how cool it looks in deep black. This is a substantial device, not a toy (although it is) and has a serious specification, being as powerful as its full size PS2 counterpart, with added wireless networking for amazing mulitiplay gaming!

The fist games we played were Star Wars Battlefront 2, which was great. The graphics were fast & smooth, the sound-efects realistic (especailly through ear-phones, and the game-play fast and frenetic. We also played Harry Potter, and Fifa 2006, which both were superb for such a small device.

Next we had a go at downloading some pictures to the Sony PSP, which was simple, and the quiality was great, a nice little slide-show for my son to watch when we wanted.

MP3 music was just as easy, although you'll have to but a bigger memory stick if you want more than a handful.

The next thing we had a look at was a film. Yes, you can watch UMDs (mini-dvds) on the PSP. I was very skeptical, these would be rubbish. How wrong was I! The picture quality was excellent, and the stereo sound superb through the head-phones. Another great feature!

We havn't had a chance to test the Wi-Fi gaming link, or internet browsing yet, but I'm sure it will be great. Just got to persuade the wife to let me get one for my birthday.....

ps Children should not be allowed to use devices like the PSP for long periods, it will damage their eyes, as with everything, keep their use in moderation.

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