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Add A Free Spell Checker To Your Psion Revo!

Now You Can Spell Check Just Like A Psion 5!

Psion RivoI Use my Psion Revo as a mobile platform for writing content for my websites, it gets me away from the pc and all the distractions that means, e-mail, stats, browsing, anything NOT to do with real web site development.

One of the Revo's main weaknesses was a lack of spell-checker, in fact this was the driving force behind me searching for Psion 5s or 5mxs - on the Revo I always had to take the extra step of checking spelling in Word or on Dreamweaver, when I'd really like to do it on the hand-held pc.

Well last night I did some serious research and found that although a spell checker wasn't included in the ROM of the Revo, you can download it and install it if you've got the right file - spell.sis - and you've got a fully functional spellchecker for the Psion Revo. Cool!

Where to start? You've probably already got it, but if you haven't, download and install the latest version of PsiWin 2.3.3 by clicking here.

Next make sure your Revo connects to your desktop pc by putting it in the cradle and waiting for a connection. If it doesn't seem to work, make sure the red & green LED's are showing up on the left hand side of the Psion (if not its not in the cradle properly), the lead is plugged in properly, or restart your computer.

Now download the spell.sis file. For the English Version click here. For the US version click here.

Unzip the files. Spell.sis should appear. Now you may be able to double click on the file and the Psion installer will put the spell checker onto your Revo. If not, on your desktop pc, click start, all programs, psiwin 2.3, install new program, then show the installer where you have saved the unzipped Psion Spell checker. Simple or what!

There are lots of other great programs you can download. For the sketch application, click here.

Try Bioeddies site for loads more applications, just don't clog up the memory in your Revo!

Remember all of these application are stored in RAM so if you let your Revo go flat, or have to do a hard reset, you'll have to install them again.

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