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Vintage Psion Organiser II XP Pocket Computer

More Of A Curiosity Than A Usable Device, But Who Knows?

Ok, ok, if you've watched the video you'll be thinking so what? It just looks like a very big calculator from the early 80's, surely it hasn't got any relevance today?

What we have here is a piece of history, that still works. The Psion Organiser II / 2 was well ahead of its time when released in 1986. It features a two-line LCD display, expandible RAM ? ROM packs, and a communications interface on the top for connecting to loads of third party devices, such as barcode readers, scanners, printers, etc.

To be honest I don't know much more about the II, and havn't had enough time to play around with it's applications, so please check out the Psion 2 homepage or the Organiser II Forum for more details, and how to get around the Year 2000 problem. (The XP can only use dates up to 31/12/99).

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is this psion organiser2 can be updated upto 2009?

See the links in the article above.

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