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How To Fix A Corrupt Psion CF Card From Your PC

Quick Post Onto How To Re-Format A Duff Compact Flash Card


I went to save a file to my Psion's 64mb Viking Compact Flash Card, only to find that the Psion said it was corrupt. (I had been fiddling it around with it in my GPS Picture Tracker).

Attempts to format the disc from within the Psion led to failure, so it was time to take the CF out of the Psion and Format it my card reader attached to my PC.

Simply put the compact flash card into your card-reader, then navigate to "my computer" (Start, My Computer).

Now right-click on the drive and choose format, properties and choose the "Fat" option. Let Windows do its bit, then if you try the card back in your Psion and it should work.


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