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Psion 5mx

Psion 5mx - The Best Handheld Ever?

Psion 5mxThe Psion series 5mx 16mb, was (and is) is my opinion, the best hand-held pocket pc device ever made.

Now no longer in the business of making PDA's, the illustrious line of Psion devices has now come to an end, but second-hand purchases can be made on e-bay, or at your local boot sale. If you see one going cheap, get it. You won't be disappointed.

Why is the Psion Series 5 still better than most Pocket Pcs or PDA today? There are many reasons, but the Psion was way ahead of its time when released back in 1999, and it can still hold its own today.

A clam-shell design, with a touch-screen, the first brilliant feature of the Psion 5 was its superb keyboard, the like of which has never been seen since on a hand-held device. Replicating a full size PC keyboard, it is possible to touch-type on it, and it feels "real". Anyone who has tried to input a lot of text on a Pocket PC or a Palm device will marvel at this little beauty, the give of each key is perfect, a real joy for typing on.

The Psion operating system is stable and easy to use. The applications are amazing in their power - Psion Word is a fully capable word-processor, Sheet will do everything you want as a spread-sheet, draw graphs, export data, etc. The Agenda program is so easy to use, it emulates a filofax, and makes organizing your life a breeze, aided by the large screen so you can actually see what you're doing.

Its possible to send & receive e-mail via a compatible mobile phone or modem, or can draw on the touch-sensitive screen, the calculator has everything you could ever want, and there are hundreds of free programs to download and run.

Using the sync software, the Psion will link up with your desktop, or you can use the compact-flash drive to transfer information.

The screen is grayscale, but larger than any pocket pc, so you can have text at a reasonable size without have to scroll from side to side all the time. The back-light makes low-light work a breeze, although it will eat your battery power.

Running off 2 AA batteries, and a back-up lithium cell, the battery life of the Psion 5 is superb. You don't have to keep charging it like a Pocket PC, so it can be taken for extended trips without having to worry about taking a charger, just buy another pack of AA's and you're done.

Weaknesses? Well, the screen isn't that bright, and it is very choosy about which CF cards it can use, and being a clam-shell the hinges can break if sat on.

My series 5 has given my 5 years of excellent service, and I was devastated when I recently dropped it & the screen cracked. You'll find me on e-bay bidding on a replacement.

Join the Psion club, ditch those Pocket PCs!

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Hi My 5mx is refusing to sync not a problem in itself but when I save agenda to a cf card and transfer to the PC via a card reader it wont open ?? Im not a computer expert so am not technically aware but I need to save agenda to CD
Help please
Regards Keith

You'll be able to copy files from the Psions CF card to your PC, but your PC won't be able to open them - it needs PsiWIn to do that. Try uninstalling PsiWin and then download the latest version and installing it again.

Get PsiWin Here,

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