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Psion 5 8mb

Psion 5 8mb - Back in Business! (my mx broke)

Psion 5Wa hay! Just back from the car boot and I've just bought a Psion 5 8mb for £20! Its in the box, with the discs, instructions, printer link but no serial lead. If you've read one of previous articles, you'll know that previously I owned a Psion 5mx, but the screen cracked when I dropped it, gutted!

Currently I use a Psion Revo as my mobile pc, mainly for writing content for my websites. (I find it more productive to write stuff away from the pc, otherwise I get distracted by the internet, stats, etc.) The Revo does a good job, but it has some shortcomings. Firstly the keyboard isn't as good as the Psion 5, the keys "tilt" rather than press down like a proper keyboard. It has no backlight. The Psion Revos word processor doesn't have a spell-checker on it, so I have to use word on my pc to correct my terrible spelling mistakes. Finally, the Revo uses PsiWin to transfer files via its docking cradle, which sometimes refuses to work. (Probably because my pc also a Palm and a Pocket PC connected to it!)

The Psion 5 addresses these issues with an excellent keyboard, the best you'll find on any PDA, you can touch type on it. It has a backlight, spell checker, and takes Compact flash cards in a slot on the bottom. This means that I can write articles on the Psion 5, spell check them, save them onto the CF card, use my desktop pcs card reader to copy the files, use the PsiWin File converter, then add them to my website! Easy!

Another reason why I'm so chuffed to get this Psion 5 is that it is compatible with the 64mb Compact Flash card I have. I never managed to get a CF card that would work with my 5mx, so I can assure you that the SanDisk Shoot & Store 64mb compactflash card, will work with a Psion 5. Great!

As far as transferring files goes, I've written this review on My Psion 5, spell checked it, transferred it and published it all easily and quickly. Perfect. The Psion had many other great features, spreadsheets, data bases, calendar, sketch, e-mail etc, but I'll be covering those in a later article. I was so excited at getting this Psion 5 that i just had to write this article straight away.

So get onto ebay, or down your local car boot sale, and if you go regularly enough you may see a bargain Psion, if I don't get it first!

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