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Psold My Psion's Before Xmas - Now I've Bought Another!

Psion 3C Palm Top Pocket PC Review

Psion 3cIf you've been reading my eBay sellers diary you'll know that I sold all my Psion's a month or so ago to pay for some extra Christmas goodies for the kids, but boy have I missed them!

I didn't realise how much I relied on my palm tops to write content for my websites. The beauty with the Psion's is that whenever I had an idea for an article, review or guide I would just pick up my Revo or series 5, and write. I didn't need to worry about flat batteries, boot up times or transferring data. Just switch on, write, connect to the PC and import the text into a web page. Easy.

After I sold my Psion's, I had to use my Pocket PC, which is a horrible way of writing (no keyboard), or wait for my lap-top of desk top to boot up. All the spontaneity and convenience was lost. But no more!

After not visiting the local car boot sales over Christmas, my Wife and I visited our local one this morning. We almost didn't go - I woke up to find our car had a flat. A quick wheel change and we set off, only to find that the booty was almost deserted, but at one of the stalls ran by a regular I spotted this rather battered looking Psion 3c 2mb, complete with serial lead! The outside was bad, it must have been stored in a plastic bag, the rubberised finish had gone all sticky, but it was pristine when opened up, no key wear, no broken hinges or scratches on the screen.

Unfortunately I had no AA's to test it, but when the seller said he only wanted £3 I snapped it up. At home with a fresh pair of batteries in the Psion fired up immediately, and the screen was perfect, but would it connect to my PC? Initially no. All the settings in PsiWin and on the 3c looked right according to all the info I found on the net, but they just wouldn't talk to each other. The 3c was set to communicate via the serial lead at 56k, and PsiWIn at maximum attainable. By changing both to 56k my desk top pc and the Psion synched up perfectly and I could tranfer files across seamlessly! My mobile content creator is back in action!

Seriously though, if you want a replacement for you filofax or expensive Pocket PC, get a Psion 3, you can't go wrong. The keyboard is workable, the screen wide enough to actually read things on, and all the applications run rock solid and are so good. Running low on power? Just buy some more AA's, no need for silly chargers here!

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Lovely site! Where can I get PC software that can read the .dbf files which I have from my 3a? I run a Dell with XP.
(My PC totally collapsed the other day and I couldn't recover the program files but I still have back ups of the 3a data.) Graham.

Are the files still on the Psion? You could try exporting them to text (csv) then Microsoft Excel May be able to read them when you transfer them to your pc via psiwin.I'm no expert on this,
maybe this page would help

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