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Palm m105 PDA

Palm m105 - A Pocket Wonder PDA

Palm m105The Palm m105 was the device that got me into this whole Pocket PC / PDA business, and mine has given me many years excellent service and is still going strong to this day.

When buying a phone a few years ago at Carphone Warehouse, a few weeks later they sent me a gift-voucher for £100, because my phone had been reduced in price, and they offered (an excellent!) price promise. I hot-footed it down to the local shop, thinking what could I spend this on?

About the only other things they sold, apart from phones, was Palm PDAs, and the m105 was slightly over the value of the Gift-Voucher, so I bought it and took it home, thinking it would be a great replacement for my paper diary.

Over the years I the Palm m105 became an important tool in my business life. All my contacts, phone-numbers, addresses, e-mails were stored on the device. The diary and to-do's kept me organised, the calculator came in handy, and memo-pad was great for taking notes. I downloaded acrobat reader from adobe, and I could then read many different e-books.

Palms have excellent battery life, and the synchronidation with your desktop PC means everything is backed up and safe, and I of course bought a rather smart leather case to protect it.

The Palm was confined to a drawer after I got a Pocket PC a couple of years ago. The lure of the colour screen, MS applications and multi-media made me forsake the Palm. However my Pocket PC has taken a bit of a bashing recently, and I'm loathe to damage it anymore (I can't afford to replace it) so I dusted off the Palm, got some new batteries and fired it up.

I'd forgotten how good the Palm was. Incredibally light & small, ok the screen isn't too good, but the operating system is rock-solid, and I soon had all my contacts and agenda on it, and the Palm was secure in my jacket pocket ready for business.

The beauty with the m105 is that it has enough memory to do the job, is ultra reliable, easy to use, and because its a legacy device, not too expensive to replace if I lose or break it.

I always thought that Palms idea of having a seperate area for the Graffiti handwriting recognition was a good one - too many Pocket PCs get scratched screens from where their users are using them this way.

Ok, the Palm m105 is old, definitely not a "sexy" gadget, but it does the job well, so mine will be staying at my side, doing the job it has done so well for years. If you're in the market for a cheap, simple PDA - then pick one up fast, while they're still available.

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