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New Road Angel Review

New Road Angel Speed Camera Detector Review

Road Angel, Blue is normal Operation, Red When Near CameraBeen zapped by a speed camera just after getting a clean license? Tired off seeing all these new, so called "safety" cameras springing up all over your town? Sickened at what is just really another tax on the law-abiding motorist?

Then its time to beat the system. Get a speed-camera warning device, and take all that worry away. Now, we're not trying to break the law here. I pay my road tax, mot and insurance. I pay the exorbitant price of petrol, after paying a big chunk of my wages to the tax-man. What I don't want to do is pay more money to the government just because I was doing 5 miles over the limit. It is not fair.

Another good reason to avoid the speed-cameras is that they only catch law-abiding motorists, who register their cars and have driving licenses. All the scrotes who are driving unregistered cars, or with false plates, get away with it.

I've only been done for speeding twice, both times for about 36mph in a 30.The first time was by a bike copper. No problem, fair cop guv. He gave me a fixed penalty notice, and checked my tyres out, that my car was ok, checked my driving license, car tax and insurance details. Had I had an unsafe vehicle, or no tax or insurance, he could have done me for that too. If I had been driving dangerously, or had alcohol on my breath he could have breathalysed me. If I was acting suspiciously, he could have searched my car. The point is that when police stop motorists for speeding, they can use that opportunity to pick up on all sorts of wrong-doing that a speed-camera can't.

The second (and last,so far...) time I was caught by speed camera, apparently on a road where I can't ever remember speeding. Just a letter arriving on the door-mat. £60 and 3 points, thank you very much. I was not a happy bunny.

OK, rant over. How do we, the law-abiding motorists stop getting done for just going a few miles over the speed limit? Buy a speed-camera detector. The first camera-detectors were just receivers that listened out for radar-emmiting Gatsos or laser firing mobile guns. The problem is that the new generation of Truvelo and Specs cameras emit no radiation - the only way to avoid them is through a GPS based system, such as the New Road Angel.

Inside it, the Road Angel keeps a map of where all the speed-cameras, common mobile positions, accident black-spots are in the UK. Using a GPS receiver on the top of the unit, the Road Angel uses Satellite positioning to know where it is, then warns you when you approach one of these cameras.

Once out of the box, all you do is put the windscreen mount together, plug the lead into your cigar lighter, attach it to the back of the Road Angel, and turn it on. The unit requires you to enter a few details, and requests for you to update it, but we'll leave that to later.

It took a few minutes to pick up a signal, then I was off to find the nearest speed-camera to see if it worked! The Road Angel warns you of approaching Speed Cameras by flashing red and speaking to you that you're getting close, and trust me, you do slow down.

I used the Road Angel on a run up country, and it picked up every Speed Camera on the way, and it warned me of a few mobile sites, and an accident black spot on the m3/a303 junction. I was very impressed. The Road Angel does everything it says it will.

On the front of the Road Angel is a laser detector, for picking up mobile units, but I didn't get an opportunity to test it, but its nice knowing its there.

So, what are the Road-Angels short-comings? Well, it comes with 6 months worth of free camera updates, but then you've got to start paying for the latest maps. (The unit will still work) The Road Angels biggest shortcoming is that it doesn't know the speed-limit of cameras, so it will warn you of approaching cameras even if you're under the speed-limit. Frustrating.

Would I buy a Road Angel? Defininately if I drove for a living, or driving was a large part of my job. If you've already got a few points on your license then a device like the Road Angel is essential. With our modern lifestyles and complete reliance on the car, within a few years everyone will have something like the Road Angel in their cars.

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