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Hewlett Packard iPaq 2790 Pocket PC Review

HP iPaq 2790 - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 256mb Memory, 624mhz Processor.. What More Could You Want?

Ipaq 2790The HP iPAQ 2790 is the fastest Pocket PC speed I've ever seen. An intelligent upgrade from the 2750, featuring more flash memory and the latest Windows OS. Like its predecessor the iPAQ 2790 has a massive 624Mhz processor allowing for incredibly fast data transfer and, if you use it for GPS it can speed up your routing and re-routing, making the over all process faster and smoother. In a nutshell, every program designed to run on a Windows PDA, will probably run beautifully on this iPAQ.

Apart from its processor, what really sets the Hewlett Pakard iPaq 2790 apart from just about every other PDA is the Biometric Fingerprint reader. Straight from James Bond's utility belt, the 2790 protects all of your data by using either a fingerprint recognition scan, a strong alphanumeric password, a PIN or a combination of them. These can be set to appear at power-on, or after a certain period of inactivity. You can even set the PDA to retain its security after a hard reset. Not only does this make the 2790 one of the most secure PDAs on the market, when you combine this with its expandability (both SD and CF card slots) you can feel safe carrying more information around more of the time.

Another great feature of this PDA is persistent storage. This means that all of the important data you store won't go missing even if your battery dies. This works by storing your information and programs on the flash ROM rather than the RAM, which doesn't require power to preserve its memory.

The upgrade to the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system means that the iPAQ range are all highly compatible with your home PC and have a huge range of additional software available for them. The 2790 features Bluetooth, Infrared and Wi-Fi connectivity, making it incredibly easy to synchronise your data with your PC or network, or to connect to the internet whenever you need it.

Despite all this functionality the 2790 is still only 164.4g and is slim enough to keep in your bag or pocket without embarrassment. The new hx2000 series from HP is similar in looks to the previous range, with a silver/grey exterior and that handy plastic flip cover. It is good for protecting the screen, but if, like me, you think it adds a bit of bulk, it's easily removed. The cover's well designed though, and you can still view your screen and switch the unit on and off while it's closed.

As for the PDA's soft keys, there are four programmable application buttons, and a four-way pad with a centre button for easy menu navigation. There is also a record button on the left hand side, easily locatable and distanced from the microphone for when you want to make use of the unit's dictaphone functionality.

Even if you're not looking for Business functionality, the 2790 has the usual entertainment features; Windows Media Player, a picture viewer (and a 240x320 pixel colour screen to view your shots on), the standard games and since it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can even play interactive games. The graphics performance is fantastic on gaming and for video playback, making it very excusable to buy such a high spec device for non-business tasks.

So overall, the iPAQ 2790 is primarily a business user device, unless you require lightning fast processor speeds and high level encryption to store your contacts and play Jawbreaker, but its massive functionality makes it great for all grades of users. SD and CF are the highest capacity memory cards, making the 2790 the most expandable PDA available, and with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the HP iPAQ 2790 has everything you could want from a PDA.

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