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Share Pics Of Your GPS Sat Nav All Over The World!

Send Us Photo's Of Your Nav In Interesting Places! (Or Anywhere!) - In Your Garden, On The Street, In Your Car, By Your Town's Sign, By A Landmark, etc!

When you're next out and about with your GPS Sat Nav, take a picture of it (or several), make a note of the location (and lat / long coordinates if possible) and email it to us with a description and we'll put them up for everyone to share! (Please don't send too many in a single email, use several emails if necessary).

The EarthGPS Sat Nav in Picasa Online and Google Earth - Where people have sent in pictures of their devices and included an address or lat / long I've created a public Picasa online album where you can see the images pinned to their Geographic locations!

Email me some PICs and be the first! (After me!)


GPS Sat Nav Pics
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Can you see my Garmin?
Nuvi at Explosion! Museum, Gosport, Hants



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