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Share Your Knowledge With The World! (And Maybe Earn A Few Beers In The Process)

Write And Submit A Review, Article, Guide, Walk-Through, etc and We'll Publish It On The Site

Ok, here's the idea. If you're the proud owner of a gadget or piece of technology, or anything related to this site, that you think might interest the visitors of this website, write an article about it, send it to us, and subject to editorial approval we'll put it up for everyone to share. (Please read the terms below before you start.)

FAQ / Terms of Use

Where does the beer come in?

At the end of you're article we'll put a foaming pint glass and a "if you found this article useful, why not buy me a beer?" link (See the bottom of this page). This links to a donation page in your Paypal Account. You choose how much you want to encourage people to donate towards your beer. How many beers you'll get depends on how useful your article is, whether you include images and video, and whether you're willing to answer comments and questions. The more questions you answer the more visitors you'll get to your article, and the more potential beers you could earn.

Does it have to be beer?

No, you could come up with a different icon / logo, or just ask people to donate. Humour normally works best, or you could link to a charity.

What can I write about?

Gadget / electronic goods reviews are good, or articles about doing something, have a look around this site and see what sort of stuff we write about. Keep it clean, no swearing, keep it child friendly. It must be totaly original and not reproduced anywhere else, on the internet or elsewhere. Duplicate content will be rejected or deleted.

C'mon, be more specific!

Ok, how about Digital Camera reviews? Or photography tips and tricks? Camera accessory reviews? GPS Sat Nav Reviews? MP3 Players? TVs / DV recorders? Camcorders? Software reviews? Hands-Free kits? Baby-seats? Hiking GPS? Legacy electronic reviews / guides? Laptop / PC Reviews? Printer / scanner reviews? Books? Films?

What about pictures and video?

If you can send us pictures, and / or put a video up, obviously visitors will find your article more useful, and you could get more beers.

How do I recieve and answer questions and comments about my article?

We'll forward emails and comments to you, you send them back to us and we'll publish them on your page and forward them to the visitor (if necessary).

So I'll need a paypal account?

Yes, if you want Beer donations. Just tell us the account name to insert in your beer link, and how much you want to ask for. Of course some people submit articles just for the satisfaction of helping others.

Can I Link To My Website In The Article?

If its relevant, yes. Spam will be rejected.

Can I submit other peoples articles?


Who decides what will be published?

I reserve the right to reject, publish, edit or change submitted content, images and video. You of course retain copyright of stuff you've created. Duplicate content will be rejected or deleted.

What format do you want the article in?

Text can be Word, Works, RTF, Plain Text, format or just put into an email. Images should be jpgs or gifs. Video should be uploaded to Youtube or Google Video. (Google video doesn't have the 10 minute length limit).

When Can I Get Started?

Email us Now!


If You Found This Article Useful, Why Not Buy Me A Beer? (£2 via Paypal - Click on the pint glass!)


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