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2006 Range GPS Navigation Overview

How To Choose the Best Sat Nav of 2006

We've seen new GPS based Satellite Navigation devices from all the major players in 2006, TomTom, Garmin and Navman, and now the choices for people who want to buy a GPS are more confusing than ever. To help you out, in this article I'll be trying to guide you towards the best unit for you.

Before I talk about the new models, it's still worth mentioning that old models can be had for bargain prices, while stocks last. As far as I'm aware, all the discontinued units from TomTom ( the Go 300, 500 and 700) all come with vouchers for a free map upgrade and speed-camera download, which makes them still a very sensible purchase. I wouldn't bother with the 300, but the 500 comes with hands-free Bluetooth, full postcodes for the UK & main roads in Europe . The 700, with Bluetooth and street level mapping of Europe is still another great buy.

As far as Garmin and Navman are concerned, I wouldn't bother with their older models. Clearance Tom Toms are around for similar prices, and are so much better.

Ok, so for the 06 ranges, what should we be looking at?

If you just want to navigate in the UK , and aren't bothered by Bluetooth, the TomTom One still rules the roost. It has a bright screen, full Post Code, compact size, proven track record, can down-load speed cameras and upgraded to European maps. The Garmin Nuvi 300 is smaller, and still a good unit, but after using both for a considerable amount of time in my car, I just think the Tom Tom is easier to use, has clearer maps and the voice instructions sound more like a real person. The only other unit I would consider would be the Navman 530. Since its release the Navman had grown on me, mainly because it comes with a remote control, which makes it much easier to use when mounted on your windscreen.

On to Bluetooth enabled GPS for use with the UK . Garmin have put up a strong challenger with their Nuvi 310, but to be honest, apart from size, it has no better features than the new Tomtom 510. The 510 features a great new widescreen, Bluetooth that can connect to your phone or specialised speakers to play your mp3s or ipod songs. The 510 has full Post Code for the Uk , and maps of main roads in Europe , and comes pre-installed with Speed Cameras, a great feature. The 510 would be my choice for a GPS device to navigate around GB.

Next up are the GPS devices that will take you and your car around Western Europe . For me, the best is still a Tom Tom, the 710. The Nuvi 310D comes close, but it's just not as user friendly. The 710 has all the great features of the 510, but with added street-level maps of Europe , and Speed cameras for Europe too. Easy choice.

The TomTom 910 stands alone (so far) as the only GPS navigation device that will take you around Europe and North America , the USA and Canada . If you go on fly-drive holidays to the states, the 910 has to be on your shopping list, it really is that good.

I hope this article has helped you towards choosing the right GPS for your needs, if you have any comments to add, please contact us.

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