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GTN, The GPS, Tech and Net Podcast - Show 5 12/08/08 Show Notes / Script (!)

Hello Again!

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Intro - Welcome, podcast name, date and place, who I am - rob nunn / scalespeeder, contact details email- scalespeeder@gmail.com, - . Show notes available at www.sciuridae.co.uk -

This episode:


Apologies, What i've been doing - robnunnphoto.com, flickr group, scl podcast, gtn more regularly and in shorter format. pc died, so everything takes a litte longer


New TomToms - 530t, 730t, 930t,

IQ Routes

Advanced lane guidance.


RDS aeral on "t" models

Bluetooth for hands free.

Text to speech.

Fm Modulator.

Voice input.

Record your own voice.






User Questions:

Jose: I borrow a friends Ipod touch with full of bouth albums from Itunes, he bouth the ipod like that and does not know the pasword, accidntally I plug the ipod into the usb of my pc while itunes software was downloading all of the sadden my files got deleted how can i get those files back

Panman: Hi, I've just fitted a RAM Aquabox so I can use my new Nuvi 250 on my motorcycle.

Used the Nuvi on the bike for the first time today and found that the screen 'dimmed' after about 20 secs - I guess is a power-save mode, even though I had the power cable hooked up. Pressing the screen 'wakes' it up for another 20 secs.

In the car I didn't notice it, but on the bike I can't see the screen at all once it 'dims' which is going to be a real pain when approaching a complex junction!

Is there anyway I can stop this?

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Thanks for downloading listening, this has been Rob with the GTN GPS, Tech and Net Podcast


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