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GTN, The GPS, Tech and Net Podcast - Show 3 07/03/08 Show Notes / Script (!)

New GPS Ranges, and Our First Interview! (and I get the Date Wrong...)

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Intro - Welcome, podcast name, date and place, who I am what I do, Podcast of sciuridae.co.uk, what the websites all about (url), contact details email, sykpe, why? what I'll be covering, , , please send questions, comments, apologies for sound quality - . Whats in this episode. Show notes available at.


This episode:


Ambulance available in Garmin Garage

New Nuvi 2x5 models - based on 200 series, in normal and widescreen models, you can download Google Panoramio images and navigate to them instead of an address, guess you can upload your own to Panoramio - guys that do lots of images on Google Earth, faster processor for quicker drawing of maps, plus hotfix for really fast gps locking times, can take a tmc or MSN direct aerial for traffic and other info,
205 & 205w will have one country on, whereas 255 & 255w have the whole of North America or Europe. The 255 series will also speak out road names.

Prices : US only, £213 for 205, £319.99 for 255, widescreen adds about another $50.

New Navman 3d range - s30 3d s503d - have 3d rendered landmark buildings on the maps as you drive along - houses of parliament, eiffel tower, etc . Very nice looking units.

New TomTom Go range, - 530, 730, 930, "IQ Routes" and "Advanced Lane Guidance" IQ routes - works out most effiecient route based on historical data built up from millions of logs - will know that certain roads are busier at times and route you a different way - all built in and updateable through TomTom home. Lane Guidance show's you which lane to be in when approaching junctions, roundabouts, etc.

HD Traffic Ready for new 730, 930 & older 520,720, 920, - replacement power cable with an aerial, built in gprs modem & sim card. Cost about 100 Euros, including 6 month subscription woth 60 euros - available later this year in UK - gathers info from more sources than TMC - mobile phone monitoring, traditional monitors, covers about 10 x the roads - all built in, no extra data charges, just plug & go. Will be releasing a software update later this year so older models can use it.


NavNGo To Release iGO for iPhone - waiting for SDK and GPS recievers

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Interview with Dean from technical-itch.co.uk about Nuvi 770t

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Internet Phones - Tesco, Skype

SAM - Skype answer machine

Powergramo - Skype recorder.

( Next Podcast - Levelator - equals out the volume on recordings.

Guide to getting the most out of skype.

Guide to audacity settings. )


Podsafe Audio


Invite to flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/gtn/

and photophlow - 2 available

sat nav pics

Price Check:

Look out for any clearance garmin 200's, 250's, 270's, tomtom 520, 720, 920 on Amazon -

TomTom 520 - 172 - buy that without the traffic, then get their HD Traffic when it comes out. £172 inc free p&P at moment -

Book review:

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User Questions:

Tony: Ive got Nuvi 250w and I also caravan on the continent a lot. Is there any way I can specify a larger vehicle than the car to prevent me and my caravan being guided down a tiny side road in France. It can make for an exciting drive that way!! I tried looking on the Garmin site but it wasn't very helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tammy: I have watched the videos and my question is CAN you put in the latitude and longitude in "manually" to find a point of interest?
So if I know the latitude and longitude and put in "manually" the numbers can I drive my automobile to get to my point using this feature?

Julian: My Garmin nuvi or what ever its called is telling me the memory is full I dont know how to free up space, can you help?

Ok, if its a Nuvi 200, 200w 250, 250w, 270 you can do a system reset, which should clear the memory, it will basically return it to factory settings, so you'll lose favorites, recent destinations, etc.

Turn the unit off. Hold your thumb pressing against the bottom right of the screen. Hold it there while turning the unit on. Say "yes" when asked. That should do it.

If its a Nuvi 300 series - 300, 310, 350, etc, do this:

1. Need to open Maintenance Mode by pressing the lower left-hand corner of the touch screen while unit is being turned on.

2. When the "Do you really want to start up in maintenance mode?" prompts, press the "Yes" button. (It is now okay to release the lower left-hand screen).

3. Log on password if necessary.

4. Press the "Clear user data".

5. When the "Do you really want to erase all user data?" prompts, press the "Yes" button.

6. Nuvi restarts.

If its a 600 series - 660, 670 etc, do this:

Step 1. Turn your Nuvi unit off, remove any SD cards from the SD card slot and make sure that the unit is not plugged into any computer.
Step 2. Place a fingertip on the upper left hand corner of the touch screen and keep it there while turning the unit on, a prompt should read " Do you really want to start in maintenance mode?"
Step 3. Select the yes button.
Step 4. Enter your PIN if enabled.
Step 5. Main Maintenance Mode screen should have 4 selections:
System information
View Diagnostics
Clear User data
Clear Waypoints
Step 6. Choose "Clear Waypoints". After some time the unit should reboot.

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