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GTN, The GPS, Tech and Net Podcast - Show 2 - Sat 23/02/08 - Show Notes / Script (!)

Garmin Series 700 Explained, Backing Up Your GPS and More...

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Intro - Welcome, date and place, who I am, what the websites all about (address), why? how i'm doing this, what I'll be covering, contact details, web address, please send questions, comments, apologies for sound quality - still using camera. Whats in this episode. Show notes available at.

Shout out to Sasha in California, just bought a 750 and using it to navigate round wine country, and Jay from Miami, who's got a F20 and a Infiniti in-dash- answer jays question later - please send questions, comments in.

This episode:


Sexist Binatone Sat Nav

Garmin 800 series - 700 with speech recognition - uses remote on steering wheel to activate - real hands free

Garmn with big screen, - Nuvi 5000 - 5.22 Display, FM Modulator, US Maps, For SUV's, Huge, but no battery...


Start-up times explained

Backing up your gps

Nuvi 700 series explained

http://www.poi-factory.com/ - loads of files, forum, red light cameras, local interest - by state, some interesting,

http://www.maft.co.uk/garmin/ shopping, attractions, free


New ipod shuffle 2gb, $69, 480 songs, 1gb$49 240 songs , £30 on Amazon.co.uk

Top 3 apple ii games: Rescue Raiders, Kareteka, North Atlantic 85.

Got 2 Psions through post today from Phil from Perth, old tech send here! - why psions are cool - psion 7 , macbook air - total potability


Invite to flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/gtn/

and photophlow - 2 available

sat nav pics

ebay sniper - win auctions - biddig at last few seconds, bid high, watch for multiple wins and button.

open dns - phishing filter, turn it into a parental control, free

Price Check:

Nuvi 270 at 190 from Amazon.

Nuvi 750 for $373 from amazon.

Book review:

Utterly impartial history of britain.

User Questions:

After reading your brilliant site (among others) I bought a Nuvi 250 in New Zealand (pre-loaded with NZ mapping) and I'm very happy with it. Now I want to use it for a summer tour of the UK and Europe, which means buying an SD card with Europe mapping. So far, so sensible. But the cost of buying the Europe mapping here in NZ is almost the same as buying a new 250, and substantially more than buying a new 250 with Europe mapping in Europe. It works out even more expensive buying Europe mapping from the USA - much more than I paid for the unit itself down under. I understand dealers make money from selling the mapping, but this is getting silly. Has anyone any bright ideas as to how to buy Europe mapping at a reasonable price - and certainly cheaper than a complete new unit? Wandering Kiwi.

Jays question: Sony NV-U83T: Bluetooth, text to speech, widescreen, feelings - $500 - Nuvi 760 for 480 - better spec, better system.

I bought a charging set for my Garmin 250, including mains, usb and in car charger. It doesnt seem to charge my Sat Nav , rather it just brings up a computer sign. Will this product ever work or will need to buy another one? Thanks, Conor

I am shortly going to the west coast of America. Am i able to update my BMW Motorrad Navigator II to cover this area . How much and where from please Thankyou. Brian.
I'm pretty sure the BMW Motorrad Navigator II is the same as a Garmin StreetPilot 2610 . See this page to confirm .
That means you need the Garmin MapSource® City Navigator North America DVD .
Please check with Garmin before you buy though!

Podcast Recommendation:

Tips from the top floor, Christoph Marquardt - hints, tips, sounds great, video.

Thats it , thanks, contact details again.

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