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o2 XDA Orbit Review - GPS Navigation, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Built In Sat Nav, Wireless Networking, FM Radio, What a Pocket PC Phone!

O2 XDA Orbit Pocket PC PhoneThe XDA Orbit from o2 is the first Windows Pocket PC Phone that I've seen that has a built in GPS receiver for Satellite Navigation for use with the bundled CoPilot Sat Nav software. (The Sat Nav software doesn't come bundled with all contracts - so check before you buy.)

The specifications of the Orbit are very impressive. Built in Sat Nav. 64mb RAM, 128mb ROM, 200mhz processor, 65k colour 2.8" touch-screen, mini-usb connector, FM Radio, Infrared, Bluetooth, Wireless Lan 802.11b & g, Micro SD expansion slot, 2 megapixel camera, quad band, Pocket PC 2005 with the associated applications.

Pick up and try an Orbit and you will be instantly impressed. It is very small, has a bright touch screen, and this neat little navigation wheel at the bottom that makes working your way round the screen very easy and simple.

As a phone, it works, voice calls are clear, and it's small enough to be discreet (unlike previous Pocket PC Phones.) Entering text messages is easy once you get used to the handwriting recognition or the mini on-screen keyboard. Plug in the supplied headphones to the mini-usb jack and you can listen to the FM Radio (a first for a Pocket PC Phone?). Use the mini SD card slot to increase storage memory and it will also double up as an mp3 player.

The built in camera can be used for basic pictures & multi-media messages, or mpeg4 video. Built in Bluetooth / Wi-Fi means adding wireless headsets, or accessing the Internet or e-mail at public hot-spots or on your home network is easy & convenient, cheaper too as you won't have to spend money on GPRS data downloading.

I won't go into details about the suite of Microsoft Pocket Software - suffice to say that it is very usable, syncs flawlessly with your desktop PC, and I've been using the older version for years and have no complaints. If you're used to the Symbian OS of other "Smart Phones" you will be amazed by the power and flexibility (not to mention the thousands of software applications you can download) of the Windows system, It's not perfect, but when they say you could almost replace your laptop with one of these, they're not far wrong.

Complaints? Well, I guess it would have been nice to have a slide out keyboard. In fact if o2 had included a qwerty keyboard the XDA Orbit would have been perfect. Built in GPS, Wireless and a keyboard? Listen up o2, that's want we want to see in the Orbit version 2!

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