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Windows Pocket PC Tasks - Organise Your To-Do's and Tasks, And Don't Miss Another Deadline Again!

Use Categories To Sort Out Your Things To Do


Pocket Tasks screen-shot


We all know the limitations of the Pocket PC - the screen is simply too small. When you first start using Tasks, the Pocket PC tool for organising your To-Do's, it's ok, because you haven't put too many items into it.

If, like me, you have to remember dozens of different things that need to get done, you'll quickly become frustrated that you have to scroll around to find out what needs doing.

But Pocket Tasks is a very powerful tool, if we make sure we always use categories, and set due dates and alarms (reminders) as much as possible.


Tasks edit screen


So when we create a new task, make sure we put in a due date (and a start date if appropriate), and also select the appropriate category.

Do add / remove categories, return to the main tasks screen, click the little arrow in the top left-hand corner. Click the "more..." link, then add / delete to customise your task categories to what you need.

Tasks  Screen


With all our to-do's categorised and with set due dates, we can now use Pocket PC tasks in a much more efficient way. When we want to check our tasks, use the category relevant to what you're doing at the time, and everything becomes much clearer.

Remember in Pocket Windows 2000 it's important to use Tasks and Calendar together - check both and use them as a combined tool for ultimate functionality.



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