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Windows Pocket PC Contacts - More Than Just A List Of Phone Numbers!

Use Categories & Outlook To Make This A Really Useful Tool


Pocket Contacts screen-shot


This is the view that most people see when they fire up the Contacts application on their Pocket PC - lots of names in alphabetical order, but only really useful if you've only got a few names stored in it.

The small screen of all Pocket PC's doesn't help - so the answer is to organise your contacts using categories.

Categories allow you to in effect have several different lists of contacts, work, home, friends, kids etc.


Contacts edit screen


This screen shot show you how to use categories at its most basic level. When we enter the data for a contact, make sure you edit the category section and place your contact in the correct section.

Now, when you're done, fire up contacts and select a category from the top left hand corner. Now doesn't the list look at lot more manageable!

Remember to tap on the letters to jump to that part of your list.

Category Screen


Ok, so now all your contacts are in the right categories it's time to get a little more advanced.

As you can see from this picture each contact can be in more than one category, allowing for even greater control of your Pocket PC database.



MS Outlook


Finally, by synching your Pocket and desktop PC's together, all contacts can be shared, modified and viewed, making your Pocket PC your office on the move!

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