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Windows Pocket PC Calendar - More Powerful Than You Would Think!

Use Alarms, Reminders and Different Types Of Events To Better Plan Your Time


Pocket Calendar Screens


Pocket Calendar, Pocket Tasks & Pocket Contacts are essential to my business life, helping me organise my time, to-do's and contacts.

In this short article we'll be looking at Pocket Calendar, a very useful paper diary or filofax replacement, but the small size of the screen can make it difficult to use, but once you follow a few of these tips it will be a great tool for you too.

These are the four main screens we'll be using, you can cycle through them on your pocket PC by tapping the icons at the bottom of your screen.

There is also a year view screen, but that is mainly used to jump to dates and is fairly self explanatory.


Appointment Entry Screen


This screen is the power-house of Pocket Calendar, it is where you enter the information about new appointments or edit existing ones.

The beauty of your Pocket PC is just that - it's in your Pocket, and if done right your little friend will remind you of upcoming appointments and meetings, with subtle alarms and reminders.

First enter the subject of your appointment, the location (if appropriate), then the start and end time.

Some of the things you want on your calendar may not have a specific time, so set the "Type" to All Day. One of my little tricks is to always enter appointments twice, once under a specific time, then again as an all-day event, so I get a double reminder.

Setting reminders, with timescale's, mean that your Pocket PC will beep at you to remind you of appointments, so none need ever be missed again.

Use categories if you want, in effect, to have separate Calendars for your home and business life, so that you can choose what to see on the different screens.

Add notes for extra information, such as addresses, minutes, etc, then you should have completed your appointment!

Agenda Screen


The next screen we'll look at is the agenda screen, which show's us what we've got planned for today.

As you can see I've "double entered" one of the appointments as an extra reminder.

I don't use this screen that much, as the Today screen repeats much of what it says.


Day View


This is the day-view, and now we can start to see the power of Pocket Calendar.

My important reminders are all-day events, at the top of the screen, and individual times can be see next to their times.

Pressing the little white box with the arrow will take us to "today" or we can cycle through different days.

Month View


After the Day-view, this, the month view, is the one I use the most. The square with the red outline is "today", and the icons represent different appointments / all-day events.

At first you can see that it doesn't give you any detail about what you'll actually be doing on each day, and I have to admit this was a big problem for me when I first started using the program.

The answer lies in learning to flick between the different views using your stylus and navigation buttons.

Want to know if you're free for a meeting on a date in the future? Press the year button, select the date and you'll find yourself at the day view. Enter "new" then put your appointment in. A quick glance and the month view to see what's coming up, then back to the day view.


There you go, I hope my little article has encouraged you to use Pocket Calendar more, and see how powerful a tool it is, and we haven't even gone into the more advanced functions. Hit the help button on your Pocket PC to learn even more...

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