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Changing Your Today Screen & Personalising Your Windows Pocket PC

Don't Put Up With The Boring Default Screens - Put Some Colour Into Your Pocket Friend!


Change the colour of your phone


After a few weeks you'll get bored with the Today Screen & Theme that came as standard with your pocket pc, so change it!

There may be alternative themes already in your pc's memory, just click on settings then today, and if there's any other themes there, just select one and see what it looks like.

On the picture to the left I've put the "Fire" theme on. Nice, no?

Dodge Viper Theme


There are thousands of free themes for Pocket PC's out there - just search on Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Don't pay for any!!!! Just look and you'll find something suitable.

When you download the file, it could be the .tsk file, or a zipped version of it, so save it to your desktop then connect your pocket pc.

Copy the .tsk to the "Windows" folder in your Pocket PC, and it will magically appear when you go back to the settings screen, ready to be selected.

This rather neat Dodge Viper Theme comes from sompy.com.

My Dodge Viper Theme


You've probably seen the option to use your own picture as the background to your Today screen, but if you've got a device running Windows Pocket PC 2002, you can use Microsofts Theme Generator, available here.

This is a great little program that means you can make your own themes with matching menus and navigation bars. Easy!

I've made the theme to the left, a picture of my Dodge Viper Nitro R/C car. If you'd like to download it, click here.


Turn hardware buttons off


Fancy a darker theme? How about this one. I've just put the image through the "Neon Nights" filter in Photoshop Elements. If you'd like this theme (in .tsk format), click here.

Remember to save the file to your desktop pc, then copy it across to your pocket pc and place it in the windows folder.

For more hpi nitro themes click here.

Play with Microsofts Theme Generator to your hearts content, have fun and come up with plenty of themes of your own to personalise your Pocket PC!

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