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Orange SPV C500 Windows Smartphone Review

Another Mobile Phone Car Boot Bargain!

You may have read in an earlier article about the car boot sale I went to recently where I not only picked up a XDA Mini S Pocket PC phone, but also this Orange SPV Windows Smart Phone, with charger for £15. I had been on the look-out for a new mobile ever since I dropped my old XDA and damaged the aerial, leaving the reception very poor indeed every time I went inside a building.

Now I had always been very skeptical about the abilities of smart-phones, they could never be as good as the Pocket PC Cell Phones I was used to having, but the Orange SPV C500 was to impress me with its abilities, and depending on how I get on with it over the next few weeks it may even replace my Pocket PC Phones as my device of choice to have in my pocket at home & work.

The C500 still has an impressive specification for an old phone. Bluetooth, still camera, video camera, infrared, mini-sd expansion slot, plenty of internal memory and a mini-usb type connector for charging and connecting to your desktop pc.

Windows Smart Phones come with cut down versions of the popular desktop applications, Contacts, Calendar, Internet Explorer, (voice) Notes, Media Player, Activesync, File Explorer, Tasks, plus all the usual features from a mobile.

What this means is that when you plug the Orange Windows Smartphone into your pc, it will download all your contacts, agenda and tasks, ready for use. Great!

The only application that was really disappointing was Tasks, which has somehow lost the ability to sort your to-do's by category, an essential feature in my opinion. A quick download from Oxios.com and the trial version of their to-do list application & I was happy.

Phone wise I guess the Orange SPV C500 does everything you could want - text or media messages, video messages, quick-dial, voice tags for hands free operation, speaker phone, etc. Check out this review (new window) for a few more details.

I would have liked to see a basic text editor, but I guess I'll find a free download on the web. MP3 ringtones would have been nice (just wav & polyphonic), but overall this phone is fantastic.

A quick check on eBay has C500's, in boxes, going for less than the £15 I paid.. What a bargain. Stick in a large capacity mini-sd card and you've got a great music phone with a lovely still and video camera capable of synchronizing easily with your desktop pc easily. Get one now!

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