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How To Extend The Battery Life of Your Windows Pocket PC

Our Simple Guide Will Have It Lasting All Day

The features that make Windows Pocket PC's so great also mean that their batteries don't always last that long. With bright colour screens, stereo sounds, bluetooth, wi-fi, multimedia capabilities, cameras, etc, all in a compact size, you'll be lucky if you get a whole days use out of some models if you've got all the functions turned on.

With our simple guide you'll be able to make your Pocket PC battery last a lot longer, and you won't get the dreaded "BATTERY LOW" warning quite so soon.

Turn phone off


Our first power-saving tip is for Pocket PC Phone users. If you're not using the phone features part of your phone, turn it off, and your Pocket PC battery will last a lot longer.

Tap the signal strength indicator at the top of the screen to access this feature.

Turm backlight off


This next option will save you the most battery power and extend its life, what we're talking about is the back-light.

Open up the settings options, then click on the backlight menu. Reduce the amount of time that the light stays on if the device isn't being used. Some devices will also allow you to turn down the brightness / contrast of the display and this works well too.

For the ultimate in battery-life extension, turn the back light completely off. You 'll find that you can still use your computer in well-lit conditions.

Turn applications off


A simple energy saving tip here - the less programmes that are running on your Pocket PC the longer the battery will last, so click on settings and memory and stop any utilities that you don't need.


Turn hardware buttons off

Last up is the thing that most often makes Pocket PC's go flat when you least expect it, the hardware buttons.

Make sure you go into the settings menu, either buttons or power, and disable the hardware buttons so that they're not allowed to turn your pocket pc on.

Many a time when I first got my Pocket PC I'd find that it had turned itself on in my pocket until I found this handy little feature.

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