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Sony DSC-P200 Digital Camera

Thoughts on Buying a Sony DSC-P200 Digital Camera


Sony dsc-p200The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200 is a relatively compact, although not ultra slim, digital camera, with dimensions of 104mm x 51.5mm x 27.9mm, and weighing in at 144 grams, without battery or memory storage card. The camera has a 7.2 megapixel, 1/1.8 inch CCD (`Charge Coupled Device`), a high quality Carl Zeiss lens, capable of `3x` optical zoom, and a number of other features that set it apart from an ordinary, `point and shoot` camera. The DSC-P200 is, nevertheless, easy to use, and ideal for general, everyday photography, with a little extra sophistication.

Sony DSC-P200 Digital Camera Features

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200 offers a fully automatic mode, and a scene mode - useful for beginners, or inexperienced photographers, who may not be familiar with the intricacies of adjusting exposure times, or ISO - as well as full manual control over exposure time, for the more experienced photographer. In addition, the camera offers five image size settings, from 7Mp down to 1Mp, and the option of `Fine` or `Standard` image quality.

The camera is equipped with a large, 2.0 inch LCD (`Liquid Crystal Display`) monitor, with 134,400 pixels, which means that it produces bright, sharp images even in conditions of strong sunlight, or artificial light. A optical viewfinder is also provided for photographers who prefer to use this method to compose their shots, or, at least, like to have a choice of which method to use.

The camera is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion (`Lithium Ion`) battery - with a long battery life, of approximately 370 shots, according to the CIPA (`Camera & Imaging Products Association`) standard - or an AC adaptor. The battery and a charger are supplied by Sony, `as standard`.

A 32MB Memory Stick - a removable flash memory card, exclusive to Sony, and roughly the size of a stick of chewing gum - is also supplied with the camera. 32MB may seem quite generous, when compared to the memory cards supplied with some other digital cameras, but do bear in mind that 32MB represents only nine images photographed at the highest image quality, of 7Mp. Indeed, as the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200 also has the capability of recording high quality, MPEG video footage, it may well be that an additional, high capacity Memory Stick is a wise investment.


The sector of the digital camera market at around the seven megapixel mark is notoriously crowded and competitive, but the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200 has won many admirers due to the high standard of its build, lens and image qualities, not to mention its fast performance. All of these features compare very favourably with those of competing `point and shoot` digital cameras, at a comparatively low price.

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