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PhotoWalk 7 - Warsash - 6th May 2008

Bright Trek Brings Out Some Great Colours, But A Little Too Much Post-Processing!

Warsash Photowalk TrackHaving a free morning, I jumped into the car and headed about 30 minutes West to Warsash, on the Mouth of the River Hamble. I remembered that there might have been some interesting yacht shots, but as it happened they're only in the backgrounds of some of the shots!


The Google Earth Track and Picture File Is Here.


It was another really hot day, with the Sun blazing bright, leaving me wondering about how I would avoid really flat shots. I called into play my Grad and my Polariser at the same time to reduce glare and darken down the sky. The Sun was so harsh that again I spent a lot of time (relatively) in Photoshop to liven up the frames, but I think they look too much like old picture postcards to me.

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It Wasn't Me, Honest
It Wasn't Me. Honest.

As I was walking along, wishing I'd worn shorts instead of jeans, I was having trouble finding any decent landscape shots, so when I saw this old broken walkway I jumped at it. It gave me a chance to zoom in closer, ignore the sky, and go a little abstract.


A Good Spot For Skimming
Good Place For Skimming

The closest to a traditional Landscape I got all morning - I went on one knee on the small beach, lined the horizon with the top horizontal Rule of Thirds Line, and then tried to catch the curve of the beach. A polariser means we can see into the water, and a grad helped to darken the sky.


Yellow, Green, Blue
Yellow, Green, Blue

I like the colours in this shot, i just wish I had made the dead tree darker. Maybe if I came back a lot earlier (or later) the light would be kinder.


Liquorice Allsort?
Liquorice Allsort?

My favourite shot of my Photowalk around Warsash, I like the leading diagonal, the horizontal under the building, and the main subject itself. Some clouds were starting to show themselves, and I didn't have to work too hard in Photoshop, so the image still looks pretty natural.


Another Sunny Photowalk has taught me to try out different viewpoints, look for details, and you can use a Polarizer and a Grad effectively, but then you've either got to increase your ISO or use a tripod to avoid camera shake because of the ensuing longer shutter speeds.

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