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PhotoWalk 4 - Priddys Hard- 2nd May 2008

A Quick Walk Leads To Mixed Results

Photowalk4 TrackI only had a couple of hours this morning, so I took the decision to revisit an area local to me that I've taken lots of photos already - Priddys Hard.

Behind Gosport, the back of Portsmouth Harbour, Priddy's Hard is home to lots of leisure craft and a holding area for Royal Navy Warships awaiting scrapping or sale.

The Sun was very bright, but there were plenty of clouds for interesting detail, so I used my Cokin A Polarizing Filter on my S5700, I think that might be why my normally semi-realistic HDR's have gone a bit extreme - I've blown out the detailing in the clouds on some of them, pushing the sliders in Photomatix too hard, I need to be a lot more subtle.

Anyway, if you'd like to see the images in Google Earth, download the KMZ track and picture file, or take a look at the images below. Please click through on the images to Flickr and leave your comments and criticisms.


Ship Graveyard
Ship Graveyard

I really like the composition in this shot, with the wreck balancing the assault ship. Maybe its just a bit too extreme on the HDR front though.


Getting Ready For Summer!
Getting Ready For Summer!

Nice angle, but I've managed to blow out the detail in the clouds in the editing process.


Yellow and Blue
Yellow and Blue

Over-saturated colour's and its a shame the flower get cropped in camera.



I took this lying on the ground, would have been nicer with a more interesting sky.


As I walked up to this old log I thought great - but I'm not sure about the final result. Its a bit dark.


Watch Out Fareham!
Look Out Fareham!

I like this one. Had to crop out a lamppost on top of the turret, and converted to black and white using the red filter in Photoshop.


I Dodged Skyhawks
I Dodged Skyhawks

I've probably taken this shot a dozen times in the past, but I thought that the dramatic clouds might give more feeling to this old warship. (Watch the videos of Argentinean Planes attacking the ships in San Carlos during the Falklands War and you'll see her in action).


if the weathers good I'm going to do a PhotoWalk in Portsmouth tomorrow - so fingers crossed!

See you on Flickr!

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Hi, I really like the driftwood shot, I don't think it is too dark at all, the log is highlighted so that it is very haunting and beautiful. Mary Ann.


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