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Fujifilm FinePix S100fs Digital Camera 11mp, 14x Zoom, Tilting LCD

Can The Masters Of Film Really Attract Entry-Level dSLR Buyers With This Superb Bridge Camera?

s100fs digital camera

Ah, the joy of dSLR's. You get home from a shoot and excitedly load up your images, fantastic photographs of a once in a lifetime sunset, wedding or kids birthday.

Wait a minute, what are those marks on the photo? You rub your finger on the PC screen, but no, the blotches are on the original. You've got dust on your sensor.

That's one of my main problems with dSLR's - dust. You buy one so you've got the option of changing lenses, buying great glass, but the problem is that if you change that lens in less than laboratory conditions you could end up with dirt on your sensor, what a pain! It doesn't matter if you've got a Canon Digital Camera or a Nikon Digital Camera, they all suffer from the same problem.

Surely there's an answer out there? Well there is. Why not consider the Fujifilm s100fs Bridge / Superzoom digital camera. It looks like a dSLR. It takes pics like a dSLR. But it's got a fixed lens - so no dust problems.

A fixed len also has a number of other benefits - the camera is relatively lightweight, and there's no extra glass to lug around in your camera bag. Don't think your missing out on focal range either - Fujifilm's Engineers have produced a lens that can take Super Macro shots with the subjects 1cm from the front of the lens, that then can zoom to an extraordinary 14x, the equivalent of a 300mm lens on a 35 mm camera.

Don't confuse the Fujifilm s100fs with budget Super Zooms - it offers so much more. Yes it can shoot video, yes it has a nice big LCD screen (2.5") on the back - but it also has a 11mp Pixel Count, can shoot in Raw, and has a image stabilized lens - just like a VR Nikon or Canon.

The 100fs goes further. We have a proper hot-shoe for on camera flash or master units to trigger slaves. We have extended dynamic range - quite simply the Fuji can "see more" of the image, bringing out detail in the shadows and the highlights. We've got every mode imaginable - from Fully Auto for the complete beginner, to Manual Mode for the advanced photographer, with the expected program, aperture and shutter priority modes in support. With a fantastic 14 different scene modes its questionable whether you'll ever come across a situation when the camera will be flummoxed by the light - Fujifilm have packed so much in!

So what's the fs stand for? I hear you say. Film Simulation. People forget that back in the good old days you could choose a particular film for a particular effect, and Fujifilm was one of the best. They've taken this experience and applied it to the digital age, so you can now take photographs and the camera will apply settings to imitate the vivid colours of Velvia, or the more natural look of Provia.

HDR. If you're into photography you'll be interested in this. The Fujifilm s100fs not only can auto-bracket 3 shot up to + or - 1 ev (perfect for HDR and tone-mapping) - it can auto-bracket the film simulation modes and the increased dynamic range photos - outstanding.

Have I mentioned the viewing screen? As well as a traditional (electronic) viewfinder, Fujifilm have added a beautiful 2.5" LCD monitor on the back. Oh and it tilts. Thats right, no more lying on your belly getting dirty when you're trying to line up that macro shot or landscape. Simply flip the screen out at right angles to the camera body - brillaint idea and one that makes your photography work-flow so much easier.

By now you're probably thinking I'm a bit of a Fujifilm fanboy. You'd be right, I love and use their cameras - but what I'm trying to do here is get you to consider how a Superzoom / Bridge type digital camera is a real alternative to an entry level dSLR, which will have less features, a smaller focal range, and you'll have to spend loads more on expensive glass.

So if you're open to a different approach, and need a camera that can go from Super Macro, to 28mm wide-angle, to 300mm telephoto zoom, can shoot in raw, can take video and easily auto-bracket, maybe the Fujifilm s100fs is the camera for you.

ps It'll never get any dust on the sensor. I promise!

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