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The Perfect In-Car Satellite Navigation Device

Listen Up TomTom, This Is What We Want!

Right Tomtom, Navman, and Garmin, I know what the perfect in-car GPS Navigation System should be like, so listen to me!

First, the basics. We want full Post Code look-up, of course. We want clear, 3d maps and loud voice instructions. We want a large wide-screen display that is thin enough to fit in our jacket pocket. We want free TMC congestion avoidance. We want free Speed Camera down-loads. We want 8 hour battery life. We want Bluetooth Hands Free mobile phone compatibility. We want a really good suction mount that won't fall off the screen. We want a cigar lighter plug that doesn't interfere with our gear-sticks. We want maps of the whole of Europe, North America , Australia & New Zealand.

Right, next are the maps. As said, we want the maps of Europe, North America and Australasia , with Speed Cameras. We also want low bridges, weight limit roads and bridges. We want a POI library that uses the Yellow Pages directory so we can really find what we're looking for. We want maps that follow the contours of the land (like a flight simulator) and we want 3d models of landmarks to appear as we get near to them.

As part of the Speed Camera warnings we want laser & radar detection to help us avoid mobile Police traps, and of course the unit must know the speed-limits of the roads we are travelling on so it only warns us if we're going too fast.

We want route planning software that will enable us to enter a series of destinations, and the unit will decide on the best route, depending on distance, traffic congestion, fuel economy, speed, etc.

In our perfect sat nav we want voice recognition, so we can talk to the unit and say "find the nearest petrol station" or "take me to NW14.

We want the maps to have lanes on them, so when approaching complex round-abouts the GPS will tell us which lane to be in.

Next the hardware. As said, a glare-free widescreen thin enough to slip into a shirt pocket. Touch-screen of course, no stylus here. Very strong windscreen mounts. Very loud speaker. Bluetooth for hands-free calling. FM modulator and FM tuner / MP3 player with SD / USB / head-phone input. We want this so that the GPS instructions will come out of our stereo speakers, along with our favourite Radio Station or MP3 tracks. We want a built in camera for Navman style Navpix.

We want to be able to take this Sat Nav with us on foot as a mobile Sat Nav / MP3 player / camera.

What else? The unit should be able to withstand a drop from table height onto a hard floor without cracking the screen. The screen should be scratch proof. The cable should be bomb proof and not break within 6 months.

Hmmm. Can't think of much else, but that should do for now. So come on TomTom, Navman, and Garmin, let's see you introduce some of these features soon, and at a price we can all afford!

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