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MoD Report On Perception of Fighting In Iraq & Afghanistan

"Soldiers Don't Like Being In Wars" Says Top Brigadier

British Soldiers on patrol in IraqWe have managed to get a leaked copy of a new Government report on media and military perceptions of the current wars in Iraq & Afghanistan , and it makes for shocking reading.

The report goes into detail about what the influential people in the TV, Radio and Newspaper industries thought the conflicts would be like at the beginning, and compares them with how soldiers actually feel about the wars now.

"We never thought it would be so difficult in Afghanistan " an industry insider said, "you know, with all the modern technology and weapons we have, we just thought it would be like an exercise."

"It was a real eye-opener when we saw what our troops actually go through, I mean, they actually get shot at, and might get injured or die!"

The report, commissioned for Number 10, follows the media's coverage of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict, and people's expectations of what would happen. The anonymous author points out that there seems to be a lack of knowledge in the media about what war is really like, and this has been reflected in the "shocking" reports about low troop morale and soldiers not wanting to be there.

Brigadier Alen Hebert is quoted often throughout the report, and brings the militaries view into the open.

"Soldiers have never enjoyed war situations" the Brigadier says "in fact; most soldiers don't enjoy training exercises either. Our jobs are dirty and dangerous, and we might get killed. That's what soldiers do, but it doesn't affect their bravery and expertise. We have the best military in the world, just don't expect them to write home about how much they enjoy being in a war with bullets flying around their ears and bombs dropping outside their bunkers."

The report ends by comparing how the media and average peoples view on the the wars differ. When asked what they though fighting in Afghanistan was really like, 8 out of 10 members of the public replied "Pretty sh**y."

We have since seen other reports in rival publications stating that the Health & Safety Executive are due to visit Afghanistan because of complaints from the public that British Soldiers are being put into dangerous situations. This simply is not true. The Health & Safety Executive are visiting Iraq instead.

This article was a pack of lies. Read more untruths.....

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