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Video Games Backed By Surgeon General

Our Kids Are Getting Smarter & Healthier With Every New Console Release

LaraThe US Surgeon General announced today his backing of the expansion of the Video Game Industry and the increased time children are spending in front of TV's and handheld consoles.

"We're witnessing a phenomena never seen before in history," Dr Phil Jones explained "Where the union between humans and computers is drawing ever closer. We need to make sure our children are ready - and we now know that playing Computer Games makes our kids brighter, more intelligent and healthier overall."

There has been some concern in recent years that children are spending too much time in-doors and in front of console or computer games. Some kids spend at least 3 hours a day playing these games, at the expense of other, perhaps healthier activities.

The Surgeon General refutes this ideas, stating that there is no firm evidence linking computer game playing with the wave of Childhood Obesity spreading across Europe and North America.

"Playing games makes our kids smarter," He explains, "They've got to solve puzzles, have quick reactions, and be technically proficient to operate the computers and consoles in the first place."

This is good news for the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, who had been attracting criticism for the way their products keep children away from sports, homework, and generally mixing with other kids in an outdoor environment.

"This is what we've been saying all along," Said Clive Rapier, spokesperson for the video game industry, "It's up to parents to ration how much time their children spend on these games - we're just trying to make our products more interesting and enjoyable to play."

Schools and Universities have reacted to the Surgeon Generals statement with relief. Many issue children with hand-held consoles (provided by sponsoring companies) to sharpen their analytical and problem solving skills, and the statement serves to justify and explain their actions.

This article was a pack of lies. Read more untruths.....

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